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by Senita
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What breaks from life mean
What brought you here? To reading this article. I appreciate it, of course. Just like you should appreciate the little things that create your gorgeous smile to radiate out. Here, though, is a place of empty space. I have chosen to paint my canvas here not on the sixteenth chappel, pretty as it is. I choose to carve these words onto this page instead of putting a man's head on his hand. Even though the man with his head on his head, and I are doing the same thing. Our message is the same. A message that says even though you can see the world, it may be smart to just stop sometimes. I am just attempting to give you a break while you recharge and go off on your path and I continue on mine. I give you entertainment while you try and find something to spark an idea to give me entertainment. Us as writer's are just stuck in this world trying to bring happiness to the masses, but first we have to find happiness ourself. Maybe not. Maybe we just have to Write when it feels like the right chords are being played. As you dance through time seeing the beautiful colors rush past, and the buildings being built, don't forget to stop. Place your head on your hand. Think what has brought you here? To the end of this article. Has it changed anything, or have you realized that all you have needed was there? At the beginning of the article. You just need to wait for the right chords to be played.
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