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by Senita
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First installment
Laying awake in my bed is a hobby I have. I stare into my eyelids or up at the time that is projected onto my ceiling. For that matter what is time, and why do I abide to it? Really isn't time just the heartbeats I have left until I die? We use it as such a definitive and fearful thing. "Your due date is coming up." "There are only twenty four hours in a day." I should state that time is very useful to organize events, such as meeting someone for dinner, or to go to an event. I also just want it to be known that time is meant to be enjoyed. Is your mind distracted and can't focus? Meditate or deal with the situation that clouds your thoughts. Don't know how to handle the situation? Then do something that will make your heartbeats less strenuous. Smile with a pretty girl (or whatever you choose). Play a game, drive around, you can even watch long sticks move around in a circle. The sun and moon don't even keep the same "time" schedule throught the year. What makes you think you have just as many heartbeats as any one person around you. So my advice is enjoy your time, because it is unique and unmeasurable.
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