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by Senita
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First time in Miami U
First time I ever visited Miami I spent my time in their library writing this. It felt just like Ohio State's library my mind wanders around looking at different people mostly hoping that someone else is doing the same thing. I bring my attention back to my writing but it will soon be distracted again, and then away I will go. Have my attention brought to a conversation that in no way could ever impact or effect me. But still I will try and see what I can find out only because it is a distraction to what I am supposed to be doing. Distractions. How I am sure I could find a ton of them here. Whether it be the conversation about the difference between speed and velocity or the beach that is a jog's distance away. Pick your poison they have quite a few brands. How I could get lost in all the distractions and just live a happy life. Oh how easy it would be to just forget about the trials and hardships of life, and instead just walk over to the girls and join in their discussion about physics. But no. I can't do that, not right now anyway. I must resist the temptation to let go and not fall victim to the distractions around me no matter how beautiful, or sublime. I will conquer them if not for me for them. I must not lead them to temptation though they have unwittingly done so to me. Not that I mind in fact I enjoy the distraction, it brings a smile to my face, and I just want to bring one to theirs. In fact I should also admit that I have nothing to be dstracted from except for this writing but without them this writing wouldn't exist. Therefore my distraction has become my inspiriation but how can that be? Oh yeah I am at Miami University.
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