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Death 3/28/11
To speak of such things seems to make such things closer and more real. Well, they can not be more real then what they have been this year. I have post -poned this log not just for sympathetic reasons, but for reasons founded in fact and reality.
On New Years day, long before the sun graced the sky with its brilliance I received word that a friend of mine had died. He was only 23 and had chosen to take his own life. I was distraught, for me, our shared friends and his father who I had become quite close friends with; he is an artist and one of his original paintings hangs over my bed.
I had tried three times to write in this blog about him, but I was too distraught and erased all three passages I could not finish.
Life goes on...
Well, as much of the world knows St. Patty's day was just a week ago. I was working , as my job is based around working holidays, I received word from a friend that someone very near to me had passed.
Now a small back-story.
About 7 years ago I had been struggling to try and find a way to live and stay in Montreal, Canada. My Love and my life revolved around me being able to stay there. I lost my chance at immigration and was forced back into the states. There with open-arms I had choices of where I could go and start afresh. I chose another option, home. And home is Dallas, Texas. I struggled from nothing to find a finger hold that would support me. And with time I won my chance. I lost my Love (that is another story), but I gained my life and it was to be in Dallas.
I met new people and old that were when long ago I had left. I built my career and expanded my abilities.
Along the way I made new friends. One being a young man named Adam Carter. He wanted to learn my trade so I took him under my wing and taught him. Within just a few short years he was standing on his own and gaining recognition for what he did. I was well pleased by him.
He became my roommate. Found a girl from his past and started making the future bright. It was not to last. She stole his heart and crushed him in a most reprehensible of ways. Well, we buried Adam this Friday. He had had enough of living and chose to die.
I miss him as one misses a brother. That was what he was to me. I miss him.
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