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My entry for BlaineCindy's Campfire to get people to believe in mermaids.
I think I goofed. I want children and humans to believe in me but I went about it the wrong way but I didn't have a choice. I will tell you what happened.

A baby whale was in the ocean with out his mother. I asked him where she was. He said his mother had been beached. There was a storm and the mother whale was disoriented and got caught in a net and the tide carried her up on the beach. I asked my dolphin friends to keep a eye on the baby and I swam to the beach. Sure enough, there was the mother whale on the beach with the net over her. There were humans with buckets of water and other humans trying to help her. Without thinking, I went to the shore to help the mother whale. Humans grasped and whispered: "It's a mermaid. They really exist! Look! She is untying the net." I got the net off the mother whale but I was exhausted afterwards and I had been out of water too long. I was ready to lose consciousness. Three men humans gently picked me up and carried me back to the water. Someone had snapped a picture of me. I thanked the humans. I heard them say she can talk. They said I saved the mother whale. I was back in the water now and ten humans pushed the mother whale back in the water and she was reunited with her baby. The mother whale thanked me and I hugged her and the baby. I was glad I could help. The mother whale and her baby left and my work here was done.

The next morning, I swam past a cruise ship. I swam up to the ship and looked over the deck. There was a woman reading the paper. My picture was on the front page. I have great vision and read the article. The article said I was a hero and that mermaids exist. I heard I am all over the news on TV. There is a reward for my capture. Great! I will be hunted. I quiely swam away. I am off to Scotland to hang out with the Lochness monster. Nessie is a dear friend of mine. I will return after I am old news. I did go to my meeting about mythological creatures and tell my story. Children and humans believe in me. I am happy about that. I am now with my friend Nessie. I love being with her. Nessie has been a legend and in the news for years. She is more famous then me. Maybe Nessie and I will appear in a newspaper picture. No one has ever caught Nessie and I feel I will be safe with her. I am in Nessie's cave and having a cup of tea. Life is good.

Once a little girl threw her father's phone out the portal window of a cruise ship. It hit me in the face.

The little girl was crying and I said: "Little girl, don't cry. I have your father's phone."

The cute little blonde girl exclaimed: "A mermaid! You're beautiful and you have red hair? Are you Ariel?"

I handed her the cell phone as my tail was long enough to reach my body through the window and the little girl hugged me. I told her I am Serena. I had never been that close to a little girl before. I heard her tell her sister there is a mermaid in the ocean. I saw a fishing boat near by. I swam away. I didn't want to be mistaken for a large tuna.

I swam away a few miles and there was a brown retriever dog in the ocean. His family were frantically yelling for him. They called him Shiloh. Sharks were near by and I swam faster then the sharks and I rescued the dog as he licked my face. I bought him back to the family and helped a little boy and his brother get him in the boat. They were stunned. I pet the dog and the boys thanked me. I waved and swam off.

I once rescued a man who had fallen over board out of his boat. The man asked if he was dreaming and called me an angel. I guess I am an angel of the sea. I put him on a life raft and I sent the seagulls to get the life guards' attention. I told him he would be safe and he held my hand. The seagulls flew around the life guards boats and there were hundreds of them so the coast guard boats went to see why there were so many seagulls hanging around one area of the ocean. The man was rescued. A big storm was headed towards the ocean area,. I don't want to be seen by adults. Just children. They love to believe in supernatural things. A vivid imagination is important and little minds need to develop.

I need to get to my Mythology Creatures Meeting so I can tell them that children have seen me and believe in me. Later, I can swim with my dolphin and whale friends. I help dolphins and whales swim to safe waters out of foreign lands. I protect ships from ice bergs as well. I love being a mythology creature of the ocean. I will always be around to protect creatures and people who travel the ocean. A Mermaid's work is never done.

Beautiful Mermaid and dolphin Poser by Angel.
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