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I have learned that we shouldn't let the negative pressure get between myself. I should be optimistic to have good outcomes. Since time is gold, I shouldn't waste time because it might cause cramming that doesn't bring the best in your work. We should take one step at a time to achieve your dreams. We should trust ourselves that we can do, believe in your dreams, courage to pursue them, and faith and prayer for God to help us in those dreams. The speaker was a great speaker since she had her own experience through her daughter, who achieved so much because of good time management. Her daughter believed in herself that she could do it, she also prayed to God with all her heart all the time to help her and she spent most of her time praying than studying and above other things.

Her daughter became an inspiration to me, because she started as an average person, just like me. And yet, she succeeded because of her careful use of time, and used it wisely. I will try, from now on, not to cram, be productive, study more and play less, because life is short, and even the smallest moments in life should be put to use productively because you might realize that it maybe too late to turn back. Life does not have a reverse button or a forward button because. You are also the only one who is able to control your future, changing from time to time according to your decisions. It is bot God who is to blame if you make incorrect decisions because God always guides to correct path because he loves us. The choice just yours to make.

"Do your best, and leave the rest. T'will all come right, some day or night."
-Black Beauty, Chapter 36. Anna Sewell.
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