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A Tribute to the Brotherhood.
Shiny and bright it’s worn over their hearts,
Worn with pride, dedication, and honor.
It symbolizes who and what they are and what they do,
And defines their complex essence so simply,
That even the ignorant understand.

In its gloss you see strength,
Strength of character and of mind.
They see right and wrong as black and white.
They possess strength of will,
To see the job done until the very end.
Even when at best it’s bitter sweet,
But more often just bitter.

In its polished surface there is courage.
They duel with Death and fight the flames of hell,
That hungrily consume anything they can,
Whenever someone calls and the bells ring out.
They’re willing to risk it all including their lives,
For even the smallest possibility of saving another.
They fight what most fear and run into what most run from.

Protection shines through from the metal,
A shield to hide behind when disaster strikes.
They will always be there no matter when or where,
Or even how rich or poor or who you are.

But the wearers of the badge bear a burden.
The weight of the world rests on the wearer’s chest.
All the pain and suffering,
All the death and destruction seen with their eyes,
Bears on the heart and wears on the mind.
All the noble traits attributed to the badge,
Comes with a price paid by the brotherhood bearing the badge.

Vincent W. Myers
Written 2003
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