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This the 4th chapter/episode in which Kayla must really push herself to fit in.
Kayla managed to forget about upsetting Roxie and concentrate her mind on the after school Gymnastics. at 15:00pm she wandered off to the gymnasium and was met by Brandon.

Kayla: What are you doing here?
Brandon: Just here to give you extra confidence.
Kayla: Like I need it, look at me, so pretty, I won’t let anything put me off.
Brandon: Where did it come from, you’d have never dressed like that before.
Kayla: It’s the Gymnastic squad’s rules, I have to follow them or Brittany will not be very happy and she’ll consider herself a failure.
Brandon: And you have no regrets?
Kayla: No, what sort of a girl do you take me for?, I may look like the others but I am not a pushover and certainly not a weakling like some.
Brandon: I think Brittany is coming.
Kayla: Don’t get your hesitations up.
Brandon: And you think I’m only here for some ulterior motive.
Kayla: I’m not sure just stay clear for the time being.
Brandon: You’re just being optimistic, you can’t admit to yourself that you need me so I won’t wait around, I’m off to see Christopher and find out when Soccer season starts.

On the way Brandon runs into Brittany.

Brittany: Hi Brandon.
Brandon: I don’t know what you’ve done with Kayla but crikey she ain’t half open-minded at the moment.
Brittany: I just got her over  excited at the big prospects she has coming up this year at school.
Brandon: Even so, she was never that confident before.
Brittany: You both are reaching new milestones and I say don’t hold yourself back.
Brandon: That makes sense, I have to dash, see you later and don’t concern yourself, she is a complex individual, goodbye.
Brandon leaves Brittany and then arrives at the gymnasium, full of ideas and inspiration.
Stephanie came to the door to meet her.

Brittany: Stephanie, if this is another comment about how Kayla is going to be a threat then you can go and sit in a corner and think about how you’re out to cause problems.
Kayla: Don’t even try to cross her Brittany, she has a streak of jealousy running right through her.
Brittany: Stephanie, I’ve had it with you, you can’t accept competition so go and sit out and no debating this topic, I’ll sort you out later if I haven’t enough to deal with, we have to reach a certain deadline, don’t we.

Stephanie went to sit in the corner, reeling in the fact that she’d been practically misunderstood, Brittany explained the changes that were to happen.

Brittany: Now gooday to you all, welcome back to a new year here at Waterfall Academy, I notice were 6 shorter than last year so to match number we’ll hold tryouts next week, we have 1 new addition and I showed her to some of you earlier, she’s from grade 11 and her name is Kayla Magpie, she used to be a tomboy but now I’ve turned her into the sort of girl who has a destiny to become popular and Gymnastic is certainly the place I’d recommend to start.

Austin is 14 and in grade 10, he has black hair slightly past his ears.

Austin: I for 1 am pleased to have Kayla in our group even if Stephanie isn’t.
Kayla: Much obliged, I am also proud to be here,
Brittany: I’d like to see you all warm up to get yourself back in control with things, Kayla stick with me and I’ll teach you what to do.
Austin: I could take care of her, you do have a lot to do.
Brittany: Thank-you Austin, that would be most gracious.
Austin: Now Kayla we usually do some star jumps, some bending to touch our toes, we stretch our arms and turns our necks and I’ll stop because I must be confusing you.
Kayla: I can follow difficult instructions.
Austin: Good, we can make use of you in our squad.
Kayla: I’ll be glad to be off assistance and go where I am required.

Brittany came over to see Kayla and announces to the class.
Brittany: I’m glad you’re all up to scratch, now let’s freshen up those cartwheels.
Megan: Brittany can’t you refresh us on how to do them?
Brittany: I suppose so.

Brittany showed the class a prefect cartwheel.

Megan: I remember now.
Brittany: I am in charge and I understand if any of you feel under here.
Austin: We’re OK over here.
Brittany: Then we’ll moved to handstands and Megan I will do 1 just to prove a point.

Brittany achieved a perfect handstand, leaving her class in silence, they then tried to match her brilliance.
She contemplated that winning a trophy at regionals would push her too far but she wouldn't give up, Kayla could sense authority a mile away.

Kayla: Brittany you are so good at holding the fort.
Brittany: I am but we need no more imperfections, I will cut people from  the group who are refusing to pull their weight.
Austin: No one will let you down like they’d have the nerve, we will win, it’s in our blood.
Brittany: On to forward, backward rolls and push ups and Megan don't push your luck.
Megan: What makes you think I'm really like that?, I ask a favour then I’m suddenly untrustworthy.
Brittany: Fine, I’ll show them to you but being Gymnastics coach seems harder than usual.

After another fantastic display Brittany went to sit down, Austin decided to take cover.

Austin: You’re all wonderful, Stephanie if you can get on with Kayla then you can join us again.
Stephanie: I won’t let her overshadow me, I’ll stay where I am.
Brittany: You did your best Austin, she’ll come round eventually.
Austin: Shall we get put the equipment and get started on our practising.
Kayla: And me, what is there for me?
Austin: Can you jump on that trampoline and land on that trapezium shaped object with a piece of plastic on top?, I forget what it’s called.
Kayla: I can do that for the time being, I want to be brave enough to hang from ropes 1 day.
Austin: I can see that happening, don’t rush, take things slowly and you will progress.
Megan: Is Brittany OK.
Austin: Yes, she’s just stressed.
Megan: Then I’m alright to use the climbing frame?
Austin: Go ahead what have you got to lose?
Megan: Nothing at all.

Megan rushed to the climbing frame and began climbing making sure to be careful when reaching the beam.
Gymnastics fared along nicely and at a quarter past 4, Brittany tried to have the last word

Brittany: Now I’m impressed.
Megan: By what exactly?
Brittany: Your patience and determination.
Megan: Hw can we improve next time?
Brittany: That shouldn’t worry you, I have it all under control and I’ll see you all next Thursday, goodbye.

Kayla and Brittany left the Gymnasium and headed to find Brandon, he couldn’t have left already.

Brittany: So how was you 1st after school class?
Kayla: Quite nerve racking.
Brittany: I seem mean to them but being the best means so much to me.
Kayla: What’s with Megan?, she’s dead hyper.
Brittany: It’s nothing, she’s just an attention seeker but Austin can quieten her down.
Kayla: He’s a bit young to be in charge, isn’t he?
Brittany: Yes but I had no other choice, it was warning me out.
Kayla: I know you’re overworked, you never stop and now you’ve got me to mentor.
Brittany: That’s nothing, I will find you a date for tomorrow, any boy would kill to date you, there is a real princess in the making.
Kayla: Let us go to Soccer and see if Brandon is still with Christopher.

Dylan still didn’t understand Roxie but Kayla and Brittany had better luck and found Brandon just as he was leaving the Astroturf pitch.

Brittany: Brandon are you coming home now?
Brandon: Yes I just had a few questions to ask so I headed here.
Kayla: I’m glad we found you.
Brandon: You knew where I was going.
Kayla: I did but I never considered the worst.
Brandon: I should hope now,, let’s leave before you go mad.

Brittany went 1 way whilst Brandon and Kayla were driven home by Brandon’s father and went a different way.


Dylan tried to contact Roxie but she didn’t respond maybe Kayla’s comment was going to spark an all new investigation for Dylan to get into.
Dylan has an expensive chemistry set in his house as his father was a scientist, his Dad agreed he should test Roxie’s DNA for signs of different occurrences.
He rang her from the landline but still no luck, he decided to visit her house ½ a mile away so he caught the bus all the way and he knocked on the door, she seemed eager to come and see him as he could probably solve everything.

Dylan: It’s nice to be able to see you.
Roxie: I’m glad someone tried to see me, I was so worried because Kayla’s a nice girl but  don’t want to rush into socialising with her or anyone else at the moment.
Dylan: I had no idea, I rang and when you didn’t answer.
Roxie: The phone hasn’t rang, you did get the number right, didn’t you?
Dylan: I assume so, it is ______________
Roxie: No the last digit is a 7, not a 6.
Dylan: And how was I to know that, anyway how would you like to visit mine.
Roxie: Sure, what trouble is it going to cause.
Dylan: Only to react that we have to use public transport to get there.
Roxie: My father’s company car is the reason I’ve never used it, what’s it like.
Dylan: Quite reasonably priced for a great distance covered, it’s a little crowded sometimes but it does grow on you in time.
Roxie: I still would like to be driven there.
Dylan: Well is your Dad here to drive you there.
Roxie: No he’s away on business ‘til late so where do we catch this bus from?
Dylan: Just over the road, see the little shelter.
Roxie: Yes, we should get going, their might be 1 due.

Dylan and Roxie went for the bus and didn’t have to wait long, Dylan got on and paid  for them both, they arrived soon after and Dylan let Roxie though the front door and into the house.

Roxie: What a nice place this is, it ain’t Rio but it sure knocks charm.
Dylan: Would you like a drink?
Roxie: Yes.
Dylan: I know you’ll find this strange but can I have a piece of your hair for important reasons.
Roxie: Sure, strange way to announce friendship but I’m in a new town, strange customs are always welcome.

He lifts up Roxie’s hair and finds a nice orange piece underneath, unnoticeable from the outside and clips it off and runs to his father.

Dylan: I gave it to my father, he’ll take good care of it and do what’s right.
Roxie: I'm glad you didn’t take a noticeable bit, I’d look silly with mismatched hair of different lengths.
Dylan: I apologise for having to do that but I do make all my friends do it except for Kayla, she had hardly any hair to give, I hardly  want to take a piece of hair extension that won’t make me feel any connection between friends.
Roxie: Anytime, I’m happy to do anything for a friend.

Dylan went to see if his father has found anything, yet still nothing s he went back to Roxie, returning this time with the drink.

Roxie: oh thank-you, is your Dad OK.
Dylan: Yes, he’s got a lot on his plate, you know what parents are like don't you.
Roxie: Yes, their on a world of their own sometimes.
Dylan: You hardly see yours, what with his 12 hour days, at times do you have the time to discuss your problems with him?
Roxie: No, I have a few secrets he doesn’t know but you know me better than he does.
Dylan: Why haven’t you told him?
Roxie: I miss Queensland, my friends, my school, the location and I feel he’s too busy to listen, Canberra’s lovely but it still can’t stop me missing where I came from.
Dylan: Is that all, I can talk to him, people always listen to me I can make him understand.
Roxie: I know you mean well but I’ll find the time to talk to him myself, it may be difficult but I’ll find a moment.
Dylan: I love your courage, you’re a girl who’s battled through to prove the new girl has every power to fit in, you can stay for dinner if you want.
Roxie: Mum will be grateful of that, she hates cooking for 2, she’ll just get a pizza delivered.
I should just call her as it won’t cost me anything, I’ll reverse the charges as we don’t pay for our phones calls, we have them reimbursed by our Dad’s boss.
Dylan: Of course you can, the phone is located in the hall, it should be quiet enough there to talk privately.

Dylan knew he was going to betray Roxie but if she never found out then it wouldn’t be a problem, he had to know what she was hiding, it was the only thing keeping them shy toward each other,
Roxie finished on the phone then re-entered the lounge.

Dylan: Did you get the go-ahead.
Roxie: Yes, she’ll agree to anything, anyway what are we having.
Dylan: I’ll head to the laboratory and ask Dad.

Dylan heads to visit his Dad and retrieves an answer about dinner, Dylan then rejoins Roxie.

Dylan: We are having Lamb Mousaka.
Roxie: It seems a good suggestion. but is it Greek night or something.
Dylan: I do not know I should have asked.
Roxie: Never mind it’ll taste fantastic in time.

Roxie’s crystal turns turquoise.

Dylan: What does that colour mean?
Roxie: It means I’m nervous.
Dylan: There is no need to be.
Roxie: The crystal can’t be wrong, I’ve trusted my life in its hands and if it gets stolen I’m in serious trouble, not just for its value but for much more, if it’s stolen everyone will be in danger.
Dylan: Then I’d get it locked in a safe.
Roxie: I don't let it out of my sight, it gets locked in a steel box when I'm asleep and the key is almost irreplaceable
Dylan: We must get you a replacement.
Roxie: That will cost 10’s of thousands and I don’t think money is easy to come by.
Dylan: I’d help you, I’m almost willing to give you my gratitude.
Roxie: I’ll keep protecting it, the key is somewhere so special that if I told you, I’d have to watch out to make sure no spies are after me.
Dylan: They’re not, we have tight security here, I won’t put you in danger, anyway who is after you.
Roxie: I’d rather not say.
Dylan: We are at no risk here so you can explain.
Roxie: I’ll tell you but you will laugh at me.
Dylan: No I won’t.
Roxie: Pirates.
Dylan: Really.
Roxie: I’m deadly serious, I’m at risk from them.
Dylan: Are they local?
Roxie: Yes there Australian pirates but surely they won’t remember me.
Dylan: How long has it been?
Roxie: About 10 years, I think I upset them and I can’t think how to stop them if they have any wild ideas.
Dylan: I’ll stop them.
Roxie: Have you really got the power?
Dylan: No but I'll try.
Roxie: If I don’t have the crystal I will die, inside is stored the elixir I need to prevent me for dying, it reproduces when it is all gone and without the supply it would be unknown how to get more.
Dylan: I had no idea and usually I know so much,
Roxie: I hardly thought you’d guess so had to tell you out of school because if they found out they’d classify me as a having a disability.
Dylan: Surely the school would understand that, don’t your parents know.
Roxie: My Mum knows but Dad doesn't. like I said he’s way too busy at Australia Post’s sorting office.
Dylan: When you said you were keeping secrets I didn’t think it was something as serious as that.
Please tell him, if you die he’ll feel responsible.
Roxie: I wanted to tell my best friend 1st.
Dylan: How did you get involved with pirates.
Roxie: I’d rather not say, things are more complicated then I could ever tell you.
Dylan: It’s time to eat now so it doesn't matter.
Roxie: And as it’s coming in, don’t you notice how lovely it looks, Mum would usually not cook if Dad’s staying late at the office
Dylan: Would you like a glass of water?
Roxie: Yes please.
Dylan: Then let me pour you a glass from this jug.

Dylan pours the water and it drips down the jug, Roxie back away from the table by a good 20 metres.

Dylan: What is happening?
Roxie: I was just taking precautions not to ruin my dress by getting water on it.
Dylan: That makes sense, I wouldn’t damage it on purpose.
Roxie: I know, the crystal did warn me to be nervous and now I was careful it’s turned back to pink.
Dylan: And still I don’t understand you.
Roxie: In due time all the pieces will fit together and our friendship will grow ever stronger.
Dylan: The food looks nice I agree, shall we pick up our cutlery and get started.
Roxie: Yes.

With that motion, Dylan, his parents and Roxie started eating their Lamb Mousaka.
When it was finished Dylan’s father drove Roxie home and Dylan knew she was hiding more from him and when his father came home they’d go to the lab and test the sample of hair from Roxie’s head.

20 minutes later Dylan’s father cane from his car and into the lab, 1st he dipped a piece of her hair into acid and it turned green like expected.
He dipped another piece in water and the water didn’t like it 1 bit, the water bubbled frantically and Dylan didn’t know what was happening.

Dylan: This is not what we expected, when the water calms down we’ll remove the piece of hair.

Dylan’s father took the hair out and laid it on the table, it seemed to have picked up levels of chlorine from nowhere and seemed to go bright red in places, this really didn’t make sense, perhaps an encyclopaedia was needed.
Dylan took it out, read out 14 pages and came to the utmost conclusion.

Dylan: I know what it is, I know why Roxie backed away from the jug when it was dripping.
I know so much now, she is allergic to water and I can’t believe she’d want to keep quiet about it.
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