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The real affect the cost of energy is now effecting the social fabric of this country.

The real affect the cost of energy is now effecting the social fabric of this country.

I like it when the news reporters go to a gas station and ask the customers what do they think about the higher prices at the gas pump, as they are going to be happy about spending more money to fill up their car. I had not heard of anyone saying they are happy with the price of gas, except the people who want you to ride your bike to work.

This is just to placate you, and has no meaning; it’s just for entertainment purpose only. We have lost real reporting in this country because it is expensive, and you might lose your support of the entity you are investigating.

I am old enough to remember when the newspapers would do real investigative reporting. They would investigate and go after corruption, and greed where ever they found it. They would write about what was affecting the country no matter where it leads them. They would lead the attack and the people would follow and support the press. We need this again more than ever.

I am a gregarious person and I speak to everyone I can, even at restaurants and standing at the gas pump filling up my car, I start a conversation about how much we are paying for gas, and then I listen to what people have to say. I hear the same thing over, and over. The clowns in Washington are not doing their job, and there is nothing we can do about it. We have lost control!

I said when people are unable to pay for the necessities of life; there will be a rise in crime and unrest, in this country. People become more desperate to obtain what they need to survive on, and we are now seeing effects of people unable to purchase the necessities of life, they are stealing food and gas.

The government has not allowed any raises to keep up with the real cost of necessities we need to survive on, and not some number they manipulate to match what they want. This is the real world and the elderly, disabled are the most dependent upon their social security payments for survival. The elderly have worked a life time (On an average of 40 to 50 years) supporting this country, and are now being stepped on. These young bureaucrats haven’t got a clue what the older generation has contributed to this country. It has only been in the last 10 years that millions upon millions of the people who are now trying to retire and can’t because of what the government has caused by not protecting the citizens and letting mega corporation do whatever they want, to the detriment of all.

Saying there is no inflation, they take out what they call “core inflation”, food and energy. Energy is the biggest culprit, raising the cost on everything we purchase and items we all need to survive on, and they are costing more each day, so the elderly, disabled and the people receiving subsidies are forced to do without.

I listen to, and I have no other word to describe congress but clowns with their show in Washington. They throw around the word entitlements, as if it were a dirty word. The people who are now starting to receive their social security have paid 22 percent of their pay check to the government every pay day. I hear people say it was only 11 percent. The employer was 11 percent, and you paid 11 percent for a total of 22 percent. The employer contributions have, I believe have been reduced to 8 percent, but you still pay 11 percent from your paycheck.

When I went in for my yearly review, they would tell me what my true salary was. They would add up all my benefits; vacation, sick days, medical, unemployment insurance, and the 11 percent social security tax they would pay for you, for a total of 22 percent, and that’s not including Medicare, state and federal taxes they took out of my check. They would say this is actually what your pay check is costing the company. I would say “wow”, I didn’t realize I was making so much money!

I am sorry I went off on a tangent, but this all goes back to the cost of energy and the effects it has on everybody except the elite, like congress, who are living in a make believe world, and who have forgotten us none elitists who are just trying to survive.
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