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A poem inspired by Lewis Carroll.
Galunking with the Poppets

Feeling cubey, I went to the park today
just to watch the poppets play.
The adelic gardens were in bloom,
with peeonits they were festooned.

A fountain starled in bright sunlight
as Ohno birds circled in flight.
The poppets galunked in their play
leaving beavos strewn along the way.

The jairce breeze relaxed my mind
but soon I had run out of time
and so with a smrown I said farewell
leaving my fantasy to return to ... well,
it's a word you know but I won't place in an "E" rated poem *Laugh*

Just for fun - an entry in Week 15 of "Poetic Exploration [E]
With full inspirational credit to Lewis Carroll whose wonderful Jabberwocky first got me interested in the world of poetry....
Prompt: Tongue twisters – there's more than one way to twist a tongue *Laugh*.

lexography (lex-og-raf-ee) – a lexigraphic (The art or practice of defining words; definition of words) dictionary
cubey (cue-bee) – a pent up feeling caused by sitting around a modern office in small individual contained work environments (aka cubicles)
poppets (pop-pets) – any small domesticated animal
adelic (a-del-ic) – colorful
peeonit (pee-on-it) – any small plant used for the aqueous relief of poppets.
starled (star-el-d) – sparkling; brilliant or jewel like
Ohno (Oh-no) - Small birds with extremely short legs and low hanging private parts to the extent that every time they come in to land, you hear there distinctive cry of "Oh No!" "Oh No!" [OK, I couldn't resist one bad joke – sue me LOL]
galunk (ga-lunk) – a tumbling, tripping run usually observed in the attempts of poppets to gambol. [Look it up LOL]
beavo (bee-vo) – any stick with tooth marks on it.
jairce (jair-see) – a sweet perfumed smell (like jasmine) carried on the wind.
smrown (sm-rown) half smile, half frown

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