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It all started on a dark black night of a long summer night. The kids were not playing outside, and all the criminals were sinning. For John Doe, actually born Vladimr Konstance III, that night was as special as Christmas for a Jew. He was sitting alone on a chair in his kitchen, looking at his watch. His red phone was not ringing beside him, that made him really mad. Not because she hasn't called, but because he was actually using it.

Later that evening, or actually it was more like early in the morning, a criminal was spotted by a police officer. The guy was, in the end, able to get away from the policeman, but he ended up loosing his balance and falling into the river he didn't remember that was there. Poor guy, the cop thought.

It was only ten days later that someone found the body. It wasn't really a pretty one, and no one took a picture of it for the local and national newspapers. At the morgue, no one also came to claim the body, so in the end, it was decided that it was best to just throw it in the river.

The only thing that didn't go in the river with the body, that was already dead anyway, was his wallet. There was no identity paper beside the driver's license. The name on it was a shock to everyone. It belonged to the Mayor of the city.

His name was Henry Destous. An honest man who never did a crime in his life, beside that of being a politician.
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