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The gifted thirteen-year-old girl is destined to be his apprentice and end his curse.
Eliezer watched unseen as the young girl and her companion – perhaps a brother – rode away from West Wood, toward his hiding place. He had heard the rumors but couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t so special that she was thirteen and on her way to spend a year as an apprentice. Every gifted child did so. Even coming from one as reliable as Simone, Eliezer was certain the rumor was wrong. The thirteenth child in her family, celebrating her birthday on Friday the thirteenth. If it were true, then the child was more than gifted. She was powerful. And Eliezer wouldn’t be the only one searching for her.

The pair crested the hill. Eliezer sucked in a sharp breath and leaned forward. Surely not… His gifted eyes saw the aura that hovered around the untutored girl with hair as brown as freshly turned earth and dark green eyes. Simone had been right. And it was going to be his luck to find her first. He must be the one to train her. His eyes flicked to her companion. They were so similar in feature that they must be siblings. He would have to be careful, then. The brother would be wary, looking out for the child’s safety.

The travelers passed him without word. They could not see him. But he would follow them until twilight brought him before their eyes. He would take her for his apprentice. She would be the one to end the curse Mariana had placed on him, and then he and his apprentice would defeat Mariana and rule over Heartland where they belonged.

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