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Megan and Jennifer are still in the past in Jane Austen's time.
Bradley and Jennifer got back to the plantation. Bradley helped Jennifer carry her dresses that she bought into the house. Bradley went outside to check on things and told Jennifer that he would be back in a little while. He kissed her cheek. Jennifer thought she should be happy to have Bradley but the dream of Calin was fresh in her mind.

Megan and Miles went into his house and Miles had a ham dinner that was sent over from the main house. Megan wished they had a TV but she had to remember there was no TV in the 1800's. Megan set out the blue dishes for dinner. She loved blue dishes. She had some back in her time.

Megan and Miles set down to eat. The ham was good.

"I should go home tomorrow." Megan drink some some tea.

Miles put his fork down. "Home to London?"

"No. Vicki and Bill's."

"Oh. I would like for you to stay longer but I can take you home tomorrow. You will be attending the ball witrh me?"

"Of course, I will. I love going to the balls. I love you, too." Megan's eyes shined like stars in the sky.

Miles put his hand over Megan's. "I love you, too, my Darling Megan."

Bradley had talked to his men. Things were quiet at the plantation. His plants were alright after some of them being struck by lightning.Bradley went back into the house. He was so happy that Jennifer was here with him. Jennifer was sitting on the couch smoking. She smiled at Bradley. He was handsome and a gentleman. Jennifer put out her cigarette. Bradley sat down beside her and kissed her.

"I wish you could stay here forever. My offer of marriage or living with me still stands."

"I know." Bradley kissed Jennifer and carried her off to his bedroom.

Megan washed the dishes and wished that her dishwasher was here. She missed her husband but being in the past was fun. She had two men crazy about her. One looked like Leonardo DiCaprio and the other Johnny Depp. Why go back to the present?

Miles hugged Megan and kissed her. Megan kissed him back passionately and Miles and her went to his room. Megan was so happy to make love with Miles again.

Bradley had fallen asleep and Jennifer went downstairs to smoke. The moon was full. She looked out the window and saw a fox running towards the woods. She didn't see Calin or anything strange. Too bad. She would have liked to have seen Calin. Jennifer smoked another cigarette and returned to bed with Bradley. The man was a perfect lover. She felt he was too perfect. Maybe if he got a caravan and they traveled like gypsies but Bradley was a gentleman and Calin was a gypsy and had been a knight. Two different men entirely. Bradley stirred and Jennifer cuddled up next to him. Too bad she couldn't keep both men.

Megan had slept good. She woke up and Miles was already up. He was making pancakes. That man liked to cook.

"You are just in time." Miles put down a plate with three pancakes on it. He didn't have to ask Megan twice. She put syrup on them and ate them. He was a good cook.

Miles ate some pancakes. "You want to go home today?"

"Yes. I need two days to get ready for the ball."

"Just put on a dress and a necklace two hours before the ball. No big deal."

"For men. Us women have to look perfect."

"You do look perfect. I love you, dress or no dress on."


Miles coughed. "Good morning, mother. How's father?" Miles was embarrassed and so was Megan. Megan couldn't believe that Mrs. Dawson hadn't knocked first.

"Your father is better. He is going to the mill today. He wanted you to go with him but since you have your guest, he will go alone."

"Miles is taking me home in a little while." Megan ate the rest of her pancakes.

"I will let your father know. See you at the ball, Megan?" Mrs. Dawson asked.

"Yes. I will be there." Megan was still blushing.

Mrs. Dawson hugged Megan. She knew what was going on between them but her son and his comment, well she had thought her son was the perfect gentleman. Mrs. Dawson left. Miles and Megan burst out laughing.

"That will teach my mother to knock. I guess I should have locked the door."

"Miles! You always lock the door! Where I come from, we always lock our doors."

"I will remember that. Sorry, my Dear."

"It is alright this time. I need to get ready to go home."

Bradley got up and Jennifer had cooked sausage and eggs. Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek. "A beautiful lady who cooks and makes me happy. What more can a man ask for?"

Jennifer thought. SOMEONE WHO LOVES ONLY YOU. She kissed Bradley's cheek. They sat down to eat.

"Are you sure I need to take you home?"

"I have a ball to get ready for. I need to spend time with Vicki and Bill. They are so nice."

"I like Bill. I think Megan has fallen in love with Miles."

"She has. I am glad I have Megan as a close friend."

"How soon do you want to leave?" Bradley asked.

"As soon as I do dishes."

"Agnes will be here after while. I have two maids and today Agnes will be here. You can get ready to go home. You can stay until the ball, you know."

"I had better go home. I love all you do for me."

"I love you. It is easy to do things for you."

"I love you, too but I better go pack." Jennifer got up from the table. Bradley wished Jennifer would stay forever but he would give her time.

Megan was ready to go. Miles put her canvas bag in the carriage. "You know you could stay with me until the ball. Mom isn't upset. She forgets I am a man."

"You are definitely a man. I can't wait for the ball."

"Me, either. Will you have any adventures like you and Jennifer did at the last one?" Miles eyes twinkled.

"I hope not. I just want to dance and be with you."

"Sounds good to me."

Miles helped Megan in the carriage and they left for Vicki and Bill's. No rain. It was sunny out. Megan couldn't wait for the ball. They would be riding in the fancy carriage.

Megan cuddled next to Miles and they arrived back at Vicki and Bill's. Miles helped Megan out of the carriage. He grabbed her luggage and they walked into the house. Vicki had a cup of tea ready for Megan. Vicki sat the tea on the table and hugged Megan. Miles had some whiskey with Bill.

"Did you have a good time?" Vicki asked.

"Yes, I did. They have a new colt. He is black and Miles said I could have him when he grows up."

"That's nice. Your baby goat is fine. He bumped Bill in the butt on purpose. He is cute but orny."

"I should have a talk with him." Megan laughed.

Miles told Megan he was leaving and he kissed her good bye. He told her he loved her and would see her at the ball. He would be over at six to pick her up. Megan couldn't wait.

A few minutes Jennifer was home. Bradley talked to Bill for a few minutes. Jennifer didn't look happy. She hugged Megan and Vicki. Bradley hugged Jennifer and told her he would pick her up for the ball. He kissed her. Bradley left.

"Jennifer, what is wrong?" Megan asked.

"I love two men at once. I don't know what to do. I should be happy to have Bradley but I can't stop thinking about Calin. I am not sure who I want but I think I want Calin. I don't want to hurt Bradley but I can't marry him or live with him. I want to see Calin. Megan, how can you not want Manolito? He looks like Johnny Depp and you love Johnny Depp!"

"I love Miles and I love Manolito but I want Miles."

"I am glad one of us knows who we love and want to be with. I am a mess!" Jennifer looked it. Megan didn't know what to do or say. Poor Bradley was going to get hurt. Megan had a lot of room to talk. A husband in the present and she was in love with two men but she knew what she wanted. She should just give Jennifer the moon stone and let her contact Calin but Manolito would show up, too. If only they hadn't met those gypsies. GYPSIES, TRAMPS AND THIEVES!

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