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This is a sad poem, I wrote one gloomy day.
Call me gone
         They ask me where
I forget to tell in thy despair
         Now there gone
And im forgotten
         Forever to roam alone in the shadows
No doves nor sun nor moon will rise
         For im in that place that has no eyes
The darkness it rises above all rest
         Where ghouls and nightmares come to nest
Im trapped i know
         In that world forgotten
That curtain he holds
         When will he drop it
Steer down the path of fear
         It numbs me cold the ice the tears
That last moment you take your sleep
         You realize no one can see
That the world is just broken
         Hot and cold
You start to find or lose your soul
         That in the end
Fast or slow
         Easy or hard
We all die alone
         What comes after now thats the question
The answer that comes is nearer than far
         Death is easy
And life is hard
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