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Well established characters trying something different. 2 character's in new relationship.
Part One

Derek’s rough masculine voice reverberated up the stairwell, “Babe you ready to go?”

Kara was ecstatic. Derek finally gave in and decided that he would take her out to the dance club. It took her years to talk him into going dancing with her. He’s a very reserved guy and didn’t like flashy public situations.

She loved going dancing with friends. Remembering the flashing lights, the bass of the techno beats pumping loudly, the crowd surging around her as she moved her body rhythmically to the resounding beats. Oh, how she had missed it.

Her lips curled into a sexy smile as she finished rounding her full, sensuous lips with her favorite red lipstick. Tossing her golden locks, she yelled, “Yeah, I’ll be right down!”

Walking into the club, Kara inhaled deeply, the familiar smell of sweat and cologne surrounded her. She led Derek into the midst of what seemed like millions of people, their bodies moving in time to the beat.

Kara wrapped her arms around Derek’s thick masculine neck. Gazing deeply into his brown eyes she started to move her body rhythmically to the pounding music. She was well aware of what her movements mimicked. Arching her back, she writhed against his thigh. A familiar tightening began to bloom to life low in her body.

Derek lifted a raven brow, interest written plainly across his face. His lip quirked up in a half smile. She smiled seductively as his warm hands encircled her waist. They swayed to the rhythm of the music, getting lost in each others eyes. His hand crept up her back as he pulled her closer. She shuddered in response.

With the evidence of his enjoyment pressed long and proud against her stomach, she leaned in and captured his lips, gently nipping at them. The kiss became more urgent. Their tongues explored; writhing against each other, tasting, twisting.

She twined her fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him closer. His warm hand caressing down her back sending chills of anticipation down her spine. Her fingers lightly trailed downward, unbuttoning his jeans, and gently pulled the zipper down.

She felt him jerk as her hand wrapped around his hard, hot, swollen cock. He groaned into their kiss as she stroked his length. He broke their kiss, eyes widening, as his fingers crept up under her skirt and directly into her wet slit. She bit her bottom lip, stifling a scream, and threw her head back in ecstasy. 

He lifted her leg to his hip, positioned his cock at her entrance, and thrust into her along with the beat. Kara gasped at his hard, hot, manhood plunging into her. She noticed his eyes darting around, glancing at the people surrounding them. She grasped the back of his neck and brought his face to hers. Lips pressed together, stifling their cries of completion, they came in unison.

“I cannot believe we just had sex in the middle of the dance floor,” he breathed into her ear.

Word count: 504 (four over, sorry *Frown*. I actually cut it down from 526)

Part Two

Danielle: I am so nervous. I haven’t been with a guy in just over a year. What if I don’t please him? I wonder what he likes. It should be fun finding out *BigSmile*. What if he hates my body? What if he thinks I’m fat? What if he doesn’t respond to me? What if I get completely shot down by him? What if, when I reveal how I feel about him, he runs away from me? I don’t think I could handle that. Is it too soon for this?

Ben: God I really like this girl. I get rock hard every time I’m around her. I really hope she gives in soon, or I’m likely to explode. I need to know if we’re right together though. Sexual chemistry is essential, right? What if she thinks I’m too small? What if I hurt her? Will she run from me? What if she doesn’t feel the same way for me as I do her?

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