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Angel enters a strange yet mystifying dream about her past.
Chapter Two:
A Detailed Dream

"Angel?" Cody asked. He'd cleaned me up, let me sleep for a while, and now it was time for me to do him a favor. He wanted to know what had happened to me. And why, which was why I couldn't answer. "What happened to you?"
         "I was shot," I mumbled.
         "Yeah, I know. But how? And by who?" Cody asked, sounding concerned
         "By a hunter," I sighed, referring to a normal animal hunter, not a human hunter.
         "On the bottom of your foot? How?" Cody asked, and I knew that I had to give him every last detail before he'd stop asking questions. He'll just have to keep asking, because I'm not about to tell my hot date that I'm endangering him just by sitting near him.
         "Well," I started, thinking fast. "I was lying on my back and he got my foot," I said maybe a little too quickly.
         "Mmm-hmm." Cody nodded doubtfully. "So how'd you get into my yard?"
         "U-uh," I stammered. "I-I don't remember. I uh, passed out," I lied.
         Cody stared at me for a while, but then just told me to get some rest. I settled down on the couch and fell into a deep sleep in an seconds. My dream was one I had often, a flahback, but it was far more detailed and the end suprised me...

My mother was holding me, cradling me in her soft arms. I was a baby again. I stared up at her and saw that she was beautiful. Downstairs, I heard a door open, then close. I saw my mother's eyes widen. She leaned down and kissed my forehead.
         "Angel," she whispered. She leaned out of the window and steadied me on a tree branch outside. I was bawling but she just whispered, "Angel, my baby, as long as you are good, which you are destined to be, I shall be with you. Farewell... until we meet again." I had never had that part of the story involved in my flashbacks.
         I watched as the hunters demanded to know where I was, as my mother denied knowing the information they wanted, as they shot her-- right in the heart-- and as they bombed the house. I cried softly.
         And everything went black for a long time. Then I heard a voice. "Angel?" My mother's voice.
         "Mom?" I whispered disbelievingly. "Is that you?"
         "Yes," she said. I could see her clearly now; she was the only light in the blackness of my mind, and the only thing that mattered.
         "We meet again, as I promised."
         "Mother? Why are you contacting me now?"
         "Daughter, there are things you are destined for. Tab... remember the name. He is bad and you-- you are good. Remember my words. I promise, dear, I will be back."
         "What!? What do you--" I began, but I was back on Cody's couch. But Mom and I will meet again. That I was sure of.
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