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Having to runaway in the night to be kissed by my first love.
Chapter 1: The first time i set eyes on him i knew he was going to be some how mine. When we first met on the bus, it was rather uncomfortable for me. Inwas not used to sharing. The day began as per usual, getting up, cleaning up for the day to come. Going to the bus stop was normal October day. I got seated in my usual seat, the back seat that is seated for two, next to the seat that can only seat one. We made our stops and moved on to the last stop at which he got on. He was all by himself but, all of the seats at which he would have liked to sit were taken. He walked down the aisle towards mine. Me, thinking of nothing but hoping he dosn't sit by me, so I don't have to share my spot. He walks to my seat asking if he can be seated next to me, as of course the last seat open would HAVE to share, so i scoot over. The first thing I realise about him is that he has this sweet intoxicating scent about him. Not trying to creep him out I move all the way over towards the window. He started to be interested in the t-shirt I was wearing, asked what the band on it was, I replyed Queit Riot. He simply nodded saying that he was interested in this. He asked "whats your name?" I, trying not to freak out that he was actuallly talking to me. He was about five foot four inches, long hair beautiful, dark, milky, brown hair that fell in front of his eyes. Which are a gorgeous dark brown that can drown you in their beauty. His light skinned arms showing through his sleeves of his rolled up grey zip up hoodie. Showing the fainted scars on his wrists. The dried up blood that was being shown on a deep scar that could be resent. His skinny jeans showing off the chain hanging on to the wallet that probably had nothing more than a few bucks and a school I.D. but from tbe looks of it he was trying to put something in it without me looking so I turned my attetion to my phone, onto which i texted the kid in the single seat next to the seat we were at. I typed in saying that he smells good, and pressed send. The kid just started laughing and shaking his head. When I turned my attention back to this mysterious kid. Who then introduced himself as Justus. Justus then asked me again what mine was, so I uttered my name as Jaymee. Which he simply nodded in interest. We got off the bus when we got off he talked to his friend and nodded in my direction, in which i ignored. I wasn't supose see that as i took it. The next day i saw him on the bus hoping there would be no more seats so he could sit with me again. Everytime he managed to find a seat so, i was dissappointed that i couldn't sit with him for now. The next time i actually saw and talked to him was in December. It was after a school dance and we were waiting for the bus to come pick us up. He was doing backflips into a snow bank with no sweater or coat even though it was quite cold out. He came running over to me obviously remembering me, calling me by my name and hugging me for my warmth. When he got my coat unzipped he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. When he did this he felt cold or maybe it was just his shirt from him jumping in the snow. He rested his head on my shoulder whispering that i was so warm. When the bus came he sat two seats in front of me wanting to sit with me but, knowing the bus driving would make us move anyway, he sat ahead. Talking to me on the way to my stop he completely ignored the one he was to get off at. He got off with me and walked me home saying that it was too dangerous for someone as pretty as me to walk by myself. He made me laugh and giggle like i have never before on that walk home. On the way to the door he held my hand and kissed it. He then asked for my phone number, which had gotten shutoff permentally back in November, so i had to say, "i have no phone" he stared at me dumbfolded and said, "so no texting?" He looked so sad that i couldnttext him i felt heartbroken. So i asked, " do you want to sit with me on the bus again? Because you haven't since that morning." He looked at me and nodded hugged me bye and left
      Chapter 2: The next day was a friday, when he sat with me i figured out a few things about him. For one i figured out he is racist against everyone other  than white people, for two he skateboards the same as me, and for three he cuts himself, like i used to when i was in sixth grade because of the death of my mother and the mental depression that followed after. Also for a the rest of sixth, seventh, and the beganning of the eighth grade i had these voices inside my had telling me i was worthless, or telling me to kill my whole family, which i attempted to or three times but could never have the guts to actually do it. After my moms second death day anniversery, i was beganning to not miss heras much i was more concerned about getting Justus to talk to me, i had got a phone for christmas and i was so excited to give him my number but, when i didn't see most of that day i thought he had completely forgotten about me. Then i got a mysterious text from an unknown number.
  It had said, "heyyy beat you thought i forgot about you?"
I replyed, "uhm who is this and how did you get my number? and how would i think that you forgot about me?"
"Ohhhhh sorry i forgot to say this is justus and your brother gave me your number....he's a nice kid"
Thinking yo myself i thought, wow harley ididn't know you talked to him! Where was i when you were talking to him??
I replyed to him saying, "i didn't know you and harley talked?"
He said, "who do you think was watching me do flips in the snow? just to let you see... :)"
In my head i was going insane, thinking how could harley not tell me he set me and Justus up?!!!
When i finally calmed down i texted him back saying, "sorry harley never told me he did that...."
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