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For my Sugarbug. A short children's story about a flower's quest to discover what she is.
There was once a little, yellow flower, who wanted to know what she was.

First, she asked the geraniums, “Am I a geranium?” But, the geraniums answered, “You are yellow, and we do not grow yellow.” So, a little sad at not being a geranium, she moved on.

Next, she went to the daisies. “Am I a daisy?” But the daisies answered, “Even though we can grow yellow, we do not grow in a bush.” So, with a little more sadness at not being a daisy either, she moved on.

Then, she came to the roses. “Am I a rose?” And the roses looked at her very closely, until finally they decided. “You are yellow, as we may be, and you grow in a bush, as we do too! But, we have sharp thorns to protect ourselves, and you do not.” And now very sadly, she moved on to a place in the garden all by herself.

She cried and cried. She cried so hard, that a passing bee couldn’t help but come to find out why she was so very sad. “Why are you crying, dear one?” the bee asked.

“Because I do not know what I am!” she sobbed. “I am yellow, and cannot be a geranium, and grow in a bush, and cannot be a daisy, and I do not have sharp thorns, and cannot be a rose!” And she started to cry again.

“There, there, dear one,” the bee said. “I will try to cheer you up!” And he did the most wonderful dance of loops and whirls, and when he was done, gave the little, yellow flower a kiss.

After some time, the little flower felt a change. Small at first, but then something round and green was growing from her. And it grew bigger and bigger and eventually, it turned red!

“Why, I know what I am!” she exclaimed. “I am a tomato! I am not even a garden flower at all!” And she was very happy to not be a geranium, or a daisy, or even a rose, but to be a bright red tomato.

The End.
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