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Where was there friend???
It had been twenty six days since Katies friend Alexsander had went to the caves. Katie was getting worried she told her husband Nate she thought it was time to take a trip to the caves. Nate told Katie if he didnt return from the caves in two weeks they would go searching for there friend that had not returned.Katie called Magan they had been best friends since she was six. Katie told Megan that if Alex hadnt returned in two weeks that her and Nate were going to search for him. Magan said that her and her fiance Chris would follow so they would not go alone.Two weeks past and there was still no sign of there missing friend. Kaite and Magan packed there bags waiting for the guys to finsh so they could hit the road.

The caves were in Navada and it was a two day drive to Navada from where they were.The drive would be long and if they wanted to get there faster they would have to switch who drove. they started seeing the mountians that the caves were located in. They discussed what they would say once they found there friend for making them all worry. As they drove to the entrance of the cave they saw alex's jeep. Witch ment that there friend was still there. They got out the car getting there belonging's when all of a sudden they heard growling and high pitchs noise's. The friends froze they all looked at each other with a look that said "he was dead and we are about to be". They starting to get back in the car when Chris and Nate said "we drove all the way out here to find Alex and that is what we are going to do!" The girls got out the car with a sour expresion they were all scared.

They started into the cave the noises became very lound and intense. They wondered what horrors would face them once going deeper into the cave. They past bones and skeletons not knowing if they were animal or human. They kept walking but they feared what would happen next.

They went farther into the cave when Chris screamed he fell on the floor shaking as if he was having a seizure. Katie happened to be going to schoool to be a nurse. She had brought a first aid kit and she got it out keeling next to Chris. There was a bit at his neck and it was gushing blood Katie put some medicane on his neck the bleeding stoped. Chris regained his balance and they all decided they should set up a tent.They found a space toward the corner of the cave that would fit there tent and belongings. Magan grabed her cell phone and pronounced there was no signel they couldnt tell what time it was nor did they have an contact with the outside world.

Chris fell asleep on his pillow not even in the tent and he was to havey to drag into the tent so they left him there. When they awoke the next day Chris was gone and his shirt was shreeded but there was no other sign of where he might be. Three hours past and there was still no sign of Chris they decided he would catch up so they kept walking. They came to a path that went right or left so they went to the left.

They heard growling and high pitched barking something that sounded like a cyotte and dog mixed. It came into veiw it was a vision black animal something like a starved dog u could see it ribs and flesh hung from the corners of its mouth. The dogs mouth was the same size of the bite on Chrises neck. They asumed that is what bit Chris.

They took off running back to where they chose to make a left this time they went right. All was clear and they continued walking through the cave. Chris still hadnt returned and they were getting tired so the plan was to set the tent up and head back to the entrance they knew they were all going to die if they didnt get out soon.

As they walked they found a puddle full of green liquid it looked like the water that had chemicals in it. Nate took samples of the water so when they got back they could take to someone to study about it. Nate came up with the idea that maybe that is what was wrong with the animals either way they were getting out.

Magan cried herself to sleep she knew she had to leave Chris but it was to much for her to bare. They went to sleep when they woke up the next morning they decided to leave. They stepped of the tent to find magan hanging from a rock on the side of the wall. Her face was discolored to a purplish blue and her eyes were bulging out her head. Katie screamed Nate grabbed her and held her for they had just lost there two friends. Nate decided they should leave so the two walked the path that lead them that far when they heard growls like the ones they heard when they got out the car. then all of a sudden they ran into Chris his eyes were a blazed as if he were angery at someone. The corner of his mouth was covered in blood and he looked starved hes teeth had grown sharp and and had fur in between his teeth. His back had fur comming out taking over his body, he was turning into one of them dog things.
they turned and ran but the entrance was the opisite direction. They didnt know if they would make it out alive or if Chris would forever block there path to the entrence of the cave!!!!!!!!
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