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A man and woman meet and find relief in each other
In the Arms of a Stranger

It had been a smooth day. A day when everything went well and all the planned pieces fell into place. Almost as if Steve’s clients had already made up their minds and all he had to do was close the deal. To a gambler it would have been one of those days where every hand was a winner and every pull of the lever paid off. Such days don’t come often and when they do a salesman feels a sense of confidence that is almost euphoric.

He walked into the lobby and glanced to his left into the darkened lounge. Might as well celebrate , he thought to himself.

Behind the bar the bartender had his back turned and was wiping glasses and at the end sat an attractive young woman. Steve’s success in sales did not extend to women, much less attractive ones, however, the nature of the day’s events goaded him to lengths he would not have dared normally. He walked over and took a seat, one removed from where she was sitting. Don’t want to crowd her space.

There was an awkward silence know as a “Death Pause,” where there came a physic tension that was like the repelling poles of a magnet. He turned and faced her, at a loss for what to say and when the words came they choked in his throat. It was like the time he tried to get up the nerve to ask his unrequited love in High School for a date. His chest felt like an elephant just sat down on it and his heart pounded like a snare drum. Still he was on a roll and summoning all his fortitude...

“Hi, my name’s Steve, are you from around here?“

She turned slowly in his direction looking dead pan. “No just passing thru…”

“I’m usually not so forward, but it’s been a good day… thought I’d push my luck, and maybe strike up a conversation with a pretty girl.”

She looked without answering, still watching through the mirror…

“I hope I’m not intruding…”

“Right now, I’m not exactly surrounded by admirers,” she replied.

"If you were I wouldn’t even waste my time…. "

She arched an eyebrow.

“I’m not the most outgoing of people and attractive women make me nervous.”

“Do they now? Why do you suppose that is?”

“Well I’m not the most handsome of men….”

“I’ve seen worse…. What’s your line?”

“I’m a marketing representative for Charles Pfizer, I sell Pharmaceuticals.”

“I see,” she said stifling a yawn.

He looked at this watch and saw it was getting towards 6 O’clock. The bartender walked up.

“May I buy you a drink” Steve inquired?

“Sweet Vodka Collins,” she replied.

“Bourbon on the rocks for me.”

The bartender shuffled off and Steve continued…. “They serve a great dinner here, especially the veggies. Are you expecting someone?”

“No,” she sighed….“As a matter of fact I was waiting for the dining room to open.”

“Perhaps you’d like to join me?”

“Why not?” she answered with a far away look… you seem like a nice enough person.”

The drinks arrived.

“And your name is…?” Steve prompted.

“Myra O’Brien.” She turned on her stool facing him. Her eyes were intense. She was wearing a black cocktail dress that showed a hint of cleavage but nothing excessive…

“Where are you headed, Myra?” Steve had a habit of repeating a clients name so as to keep it in mind.

“To Cincinnati, for some shopping and a reunion with friends.”

“Now that sounds like fun… It’s always nice to renew old acquaintances.”

He drank deeply and felt the heat of the liquor begin to form a satisfying glow.

She sipped her Collins placing it back on the bar. “Do you like this dress? I couldn’t decide what to wear.”

“It’s very attractive and you look lovely in it.”

“Does it show too much of my bust,” she asked, pulling it tight and slightly down… “

His jaw dropped

“I wanted something casual but didn’t want to be mistaken for a hooker… “

Steve was a loss for words…

“Cat got your tongue?”

“I don’t think that anyone would ever mistake you for one of those…”

“You’d be surprised…, but it’s kind of you to say so anyway,” she continued reading him carefully.

Actually upon first seeing her he had fancied that very possibility and dismissed it…. Her mentioning it proved disconcerting and he felt his face turning red. He finished his drink while she took another sip.

“I’m hungry,” she said getting to her feet…. “Lets have a bite. “

The dining room was empty and the hostess guided them to a seat by a picture window overlooking the lake. Steve held the chair seating her and sat down on the other side of the table.

“I love to come here,” she said looking distantly out the window.

“So do I. I like to time my schedule so I wind up here in the evening.”

“Married?” she asked in a casual tone.

“No,” Its been awhile since I could say that….”

“Wife get rid of you…?”


“What did you do to prompt that….”


“I beg your pardon?“

“My wife said she found me boring….”

“In what regard?”

“She told me I looked boring, acted boring and as a husband I couldn’t seem to get anything right…”

“What was that supposed to mean?”

“That my boringness extended into the bedroom…”

“I see…. Did it?”

“I suppose Martha would be the better judge.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well my experience is that people are much better judges of others then they are of themselves.”

“And so she told you were a lousy lover?“

“Not in so many words but she yawned a lot when we did it.”

“Sounds like a relationship in a downward spiral.”

“I wanted her to be happy and it became clear to me that I wasn’t the answer.”

“Did you love her…?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did… I wasn’t surprised when she presented me with the papers but the whole process was depressing and painful. As bad as things had gotten, I didn’t want it to end.”

The waitress came up. “Are you ready to order?”

Steve looked up from the menu… Myra?”

I’ll have the balsamic vinegar on my side salad, and the Fettuccini Alfredo with a double order of okra.”

“And you sir?”

“The same on my salad… and chicken tenderloins, string beans, and carrots.”

The waitress finished with the order and headed off for the kitchen.

Where were we?”, she inquired.

The conversation got personal…. Didn’t mean to carry on.”

“You had a married look and I simply wondered if you were unattached or simply fooling around on your wife.”

“Is that important?”

Her eyes flashed… “It is to me…!”

“Sorry, what I meant was I was surprised that an attractive woman like you would agree to having dinner…. “

“I’m particular about my company.”

“…wondering if you were really interested or simply curious.”

I don’t fool around with married men… actually I don’t fool around with many men at all, not withstanding a few notable exceptions.”

Well I’m glad you made an exception… I really mean that.”

“I’ve known enough handsome men to tell you that good looks are highly overrated.”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“I’ve been divorced about a year, work as a cardiac nurse, and am taking a much needed vacation.”

“Did I ever hit the lotto. This has been a great day in sales and then to come in here and meet you…”

The food arrived. They continued to make small talk as they ate.

“Will you be staying the night,” he asked?

“What brought that up…?”

I simply thought that if you are… we might take a walk around the lake after dinner. There’s a nice trail and a cool breeze.”

“That would not be a good idea in these heels.”

“We could change into something more comfortable.”

“I suppose, as long as that is all you have in mind.” I do hope you don’t have one of those hidden agendas.“

“Only a bit of wistful thinking, but I promise not to push my luck.”

“See that you don’t.“

After dinner they had desert, apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

“That was most enjoyable,” she said finishing.

“Then lets adjourn to our rooms and put on something more appropriate… A sweat shirt is what I would recommend as the evenings turn brisk this time of year.”

“I have a jogging suit.”

“Say ten minutes… I’ll pick you up….in what room are you staying?”


When Steve arrived the door was cracked. “Are you in there..?“

“Just a moment,” Myra answered. "Come in and I’ll be right with you."

She stepped out of the bathroom, standing close as he waited in the narrow entry. She smelled of a light fragrance of lilacs and stood close inside his space. He breathed deeply and she smiled. Taking her into his arms they kissed. It was spontaneous and she pressed her bust softly into his chest. Her mouth tasted like Listerine and her lips were full and sensuous. He paused and she snuggled closer pressing her thighs with a warm invitation.

He felt an erection stir for the first time in a long time and rested his hands on her buttocks.

“Hmmmm she sighed, giving life to a time worn cliché. “Is that a pickle in your pocket?“

He exhaled stepping backward , not certain where all this was heading…

"Are we going for that walk or are you going to stand on opportunity and take advantage of me?”

“I need you so bad, Steve pleaded, overcome with emotion and long pent desire.

She closed the door. “I’m told I give a good “Blow Job.”"

His chest gave a sucking intake..

“Want me to prove it?“


She slipped to her knees and unbuckled his belt. Then taking the zipper pulled it slowly down. As his trousers separated she tugged them down around his knees and then slipped the boxers down about his hips.

“Hmmmm, “ she purred as his erection swung free and beckoned at the ready. She took the mushroom ..., drawing. He groaned as her tongue began teasing the underside. Her mouth crept up the girth, drawing suction, taking it deeper into her throat. Rising on his tiptoes he moaned as the most delightful tingling sensation ran the length of his body. She came off and smiled .

“My EX liked it when I gave head. Gave me plenty of time to practice.... let it come when it’s time.”

“You want me to…..”

“Don't hold back..."

"Are you sure?"

“Just tell me so I'm be expecting it….." She drew hard and began to gurgle, working it deep as she shucked back and forth with her lips. The effect was almost instantaneous.

“I’m coming,” he cried out, knees beginning to tremble. With a rush it came and with each spasm she swallowed. As the last of it spurted out he went soft and she continued to suck until he finished.

She stood and they kissed long on the mouth. His hand unzipped her sweat top and began to massage her breasts…

“Lower, Lover Boy, Lower..., now it’s your turn….”

"You want me to….."

"Do me like I did you… Curl your tongue like a dick…"

He dropped to his knees as she untied the draw on her sweat slacks. The cotton material gathered at her ankles as he dropped to his knees. With a hand about each thigh he held her waist as she spread and set her feet on the floor. With his thumbs he spread the crack and tasted her vagina, working in and out. Myra began to gyrate, singing softly.

“Dance with me….oh, hold me closer, closer and closer and maybe we’ll be lovers when the music ends…

His lips were pressed into the tight weave of her short hairs.

"Tease me," she implored. …."Play with the bud… suck that flower… and make it bloom….

He nibbled with his lips and stroked it underneath.

"Make me glow..... ohhhh yes, just like that.

He darted his tongue in and out...

"Make it hungry for that big "YOU KNOW WHAT" of yours.…”

Her language was unexpected and exciting at the same time. She rocked from side to side moaning softly as his mouth prepared her for intercourse. Like a snake he probed in and out, while nuzzling with his lips... exciting the flower of her sex. As she rubbed, secretions smeared his face and the pungent smell of yearning filled his nostrils.

"EEEEE! " she squealed, taking his face and rearing back as an orgasm racked her body... followed by another and then another. He continued as she swayed from side to side, sucking the nub and teasing the soft folds of her clitorus. At length she trembled with one last spasm and collapsed over his shoulder.

Standing, he carried her to the bed and reclined her body on the mattress. With eager hands he tugged at her sweat shirt as she fought to free the sleeves. Then he pulled the t-shirt over her head revealing a bra and heaving breasts.

“This is always the hard part,” he said, hands sliding underneath and fingers fumbling with the retainers. Success followed with two quick snaps. The elastic band loosened and the cups fell away. Two full breasts emerged, creamy in texture, with brown nipples poking up from a bloom of dark areola.

“Do you like them," she asked?

“They're magnificent.”

His erection had returned and she looked down as it waved proudly back in forth. He took the neck and with his knees nudged her thighs apart.

"Spread you legs and relax."

In compliance she shifted beneath, prepared to receive his entry. He balanced on an elbow, breathing heavy, searching for the sweet spot. He found it inviting and well lubricated. Pressing the tip into her vagina, it popped easily inside with a delightful sliding friction. He pushed harder and it went the length, extending to the limits of her sex.

“Oh my Gawd,” she cried out as he pulled back and reinserted…. Then again and again. Their intercourse was unpracticed and each struggled to find rhythm to their lovemaking and they suffered from eager and uncoordinated movements. He slapped her sharp on the hip. “Lay still !“

Panting she tried to relax and fought for control.

He smacked her again, “Lie Still!" he repeated setting his prod deeply. She trembled in compliance, frustrated and beset with anticipation…

“Now move,” he exhorted and began stroking. “As I come off, you raise up….as I push in...relax…. Got it…?”

“You push and I raise up..., you back off and I follow.”

They began a more deliberate motion and slowly began to increase the tempo….

“That’s it Honey, that’s it..., better…! we’re getting the hang of it.”

"Oh Gawd! " She cried out, "Give it to me, please give it all to me!“

Her hands clutched his shoulders and sweat ran down their perspiring bodies as they began to slap flesh in the timeless dance of intercourse. Holding her hips he rode with a relentless insistance and she responded eagerly. Faster and faster they moved through a surreal fog that seemed to conceal their nakedness and heaving flesh. Time seemed to hang suspended and there came no relief to their heated exertions. As the tempo grew more intense as she arched up one last time and he drew her close. Nature relented as his cock began to splay like a fire hose and an orgasm bathed her every pore and fibert.

“EEEEE!” She called out, animated with delight, flushed as the joy of creation surged through her body...

Atop she watched him, hunching madly, captured in the wild throes of passion.

"EEEE! " She continued as he swelled inside and ejactualted into her womb.

For a long time they lay connected as the last drops of passion leached out…. Until the throbbing ceased and he went flaccid, shrinking inside with a slow tingle of withdrawal.

“That was nice. Whoever said you were boring?”

“You bring out the best in me..”

“What'll we ever do for an encore?”

““We’ll take a walk and discuss the possibilities."

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