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I questioned my past love.... This was written in December 2010
When someone tells you they love you, do you believe them? I did... He always told me that he loved me, and of course I believed him. He was truly amazing and he was exactly what I wanted. He was perfect, or so I thought. I never thought he would hurt me, and I trusted him with my heart. Well, until that one fateful night. He broke my heart. Crushed it like a piece of glass, shattered. How could he do such a thing after a year and a half? He didn't love me anymore... How could this be? I gave him everything, I gave him my life. I treated him as if he were the only person in this crazy world. Whatever he wanted, I would try my hardest to give it to him. He wanted another girl. He wanted to be rid of me. He wanted a new relationship, so he left. It's been two months since he left. He's been with his new girlfriend for one month. Now he's happy and I'm still depressed. What did I do to deserve this?
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