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by jaya
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She has a task in hand.
From The Shadows...

In the afternoon I am going to go to the big obstacle course. It will be a swimming obstacle course. I will have to swim from the starting to the ending. There will be many more children racing against me. I will have to be ready for the challenge. I hope I will make it to the finish line.

Obstacles are the poles placed in the pool that I have to swim around to reach the finish line. It is ok if I bump because they are soft, but I will try to swim around them. There are many, many obstacles.

It is time for lunch and I am so excited. After lunch I am going to take a nap to get my energy back.

I feel fresh after my short nap. Now mom is going to drive me to the obstacle course. She tells me not to worry too much, just enjoy the event and the experience. The course is close to my school. Now I am here. I am so excited. I see my friends, Dillon, Ellery, and Delaney gathered around the pool. I can see my Principal, Miss. Brown standing near the kids. She conducts the course.

My friends and I are now standing on the starting line. I am the youngest of all the kids.

As the Principal waves the flag, she says, “On your marks! Get set! Go!”
And then we dive from the diving board. We do three flips and then we are in the pool. Without talking to my friends, I keep swimming as fast as I could, but still pay attention to the obstacles right ahead. I tell myself to be cool and focused. I do not hear the voices anymore.

Here I am standing on the finish line having just emerged from the shadows of the pool.
Oh, what a lovely thing it is to be standing in the bright Sun again.

I hear the principal announcing “First Place winner, Sofia.” I see her smiling at me.  Mom hugs me. I am so happy. I keep on smiling at mom, and my friends who are cheering from the stands.

Thank you God!
I love you.

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