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Some might say its too late, I know it is,A poem that I love to hate...its all to familiar
It starts with a wish,
Then comes a dream,
Its not what it seems! You lie to the fiend,
But next comes obsession,
An emotion to keen,
It clouds your mind,
And steals your thoughts,
You try to escape,
But you’re already caught,
Ambition and pride your soul bears the truth,
While thy tongue spoke a lie,
Your hearts now a spoof,
They all sought the truth,
Unwilling you stood,
Regret boast your mind as you taught down its hood,
You got what you wanted at a cost some might say,
Now let the water tread on and wash all the pain,
What once was there is now gone,
What’s left is disdain,
A mistake left unfixed must now face the rain…….

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