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compaq presario r3000 ac adapter
Replacing the http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-power-adapter/compaq/compaq-presario... on your laptop will be surprisingly easy. Open up the LCD all the way perhaps, put a cloth or piece of protective paper over it, to ensure you don't scratch it accidentally! If you look at the top of your http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-power-adapter/compaq/compaq-presario... , you will note that there are slide tabs located between the function keys. Using your fingernail or the end of a paperclip bent into a 90 degree angle, you can slide each of the tabs down toward the space-bar, releasing the top edge of the http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-power-adapter/compaq/compaq-tc1000-a...
Lift the top edge of the laptop keyboard toward you slightly, then slide the whole http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-battery/toshiba/toshiba-satellite-l3... toward the LCD so the connecting cables are revealed. You'll see two cables connected to the motherboard, a broad one and a skinnier one.
We've found that you can use the paperclip with one end straightened out and then bent to a 90 degree angle to push or pull open the various http://www.laptopbatteriesinc.com.au/laptop-power-adapter/compaq/compaq-evo-n400... and LCD connectors that are found within many laptop computers. You will use the paper clip to push open the connector for the skinnier mouse pointer cable. When both sides have been pushed open, simply pull the cable out of the connector.

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