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It is all about u
                                  I HAD A DREAM

I woke up in the morning and was surprised that I was on this game farm with my family my wife was still sleeping so I did not want to wake her up  I got up slowly and moved Out of the room I really  did not want  to awake her, she seemed to be so peaceful. We work so hard and need time out I left the room and stood outside to look at the sunrise it always gives me peace the birds sing songs that is only in the African mornings it is as to say good morning to all this is a new day look the sun is going to give us a new day life can go on yesterday is the past. I looked around to find God has given us such beauty and we give so little back. I stood still for a moment and wondered to myself what God has given us. Suddenly  I hard a voice a mans voice I looked around  but saw no one.

Then there is it again someone is calling me but the voice is coming from the roof I moved out to see who is on the look out deck that’s where you can sit and look over into the plains where you can see the animals it is built on top of the patio it has chairs and a table there was the man he said to me good morning come up look what the new day brings.

The next moment I am sitting on the deck he had a cup drinking from it at the same time he said to me what is bothering you?

It was very strange for this man to ask me this I don’t know him how does he know what bothering me, at the same time it felt like I knew  him, his voice sounded  so calm  it seemed to be holding me like I was a little boy looking at my father for same answers.

That is when I started telling him if God is around why do I feel heart sore and why is it so difficult to let go of the things we love so much it hurts when they are gone and only then we feel so alone in this land that we live in look I said to him my mother my father is gone now it is me my wife my family that is left and you know there is no work out there for us. The ones that we thought that could lead our land and trust them with our future has

Failed us now we look up and see only the hard work of what we had is in there sacks they do not see what we the land need. God forgive us we need u as we no they forgot were they came from. I told the man who sat and had a cap in his hand that Africa will die and we will be the past.

Then he stood up and said to me let us walk so I can make you a promise he who leads Africa lands he who does not see the needs of the land he who does not see the need to help this land I am just a shadow to him who for got to lead I promise u he will not sleep well he will not have peace with his family and friends they will lead him to be a shadow in to past he will not be part of the future of Africa

He bent down and pick up a seed in one hand in the other hand he took some soil and said to me I am who I am and I promis you Africa will rise the people will rise so will the land with the animals they will feed like you from this seed that grow in this soil of Africa I promise you Africa will grow in to peace.

Then I stood up and looked at the grass the trees the animals then I looked at my shadow it was only me the man had gone I woke up and looked at my wife and said to myself I HAD A DREAM I made a promise that I will write my dream to let the people of Africa read it for all to know we are not alone.


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