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                                            LIFE IS A JOURNEY

You are tired and you have travelled far and came to the end of the valley. So you reach out to touch the horizon only to know it is the end of a long journey then a new life starts and look He says you are not alone I will always be there.

                                It is time for this story to start.


  The Switchboard Operator,

When the hart is alone the love for one is to be there the number you try is not there the voice of the operator is on the other side you know she is trying her best.

You here a voice it is the operator sorry the line is on hold will you try later again please?

Hello operator is there any way you can try I have this urgent message I know you have tried your best please just one more I, I have to speak to the one on this number you see I have broken her hart I mean the love of my hart you see I was not honest to the one I love in this world she never will for give me I will not be there tomorrow it is my last call it is time to go I have lost all I had the love I had the will to live. You are the only one that hears my voice will you for give me. there was silence the operator unplug her ear peace and start to cry it was white in the hart she new she has lost him he will never be there again in her hart that is so broken she tried so hard not to show her feelings.

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