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A poem I wrote: "May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace"
Do you know of the “Power of the Holy Spirit?" 
That God will fill you with joy and peace, no more anxieties to fear.

As long as you believe, your faith will increase by leaps and bounds
With all your heart, strengthen relationships for peace to be found.

While you kneel and pray, your soul will overflow with hope,
With no more depression, you'll feel strong enough to cope.

Throughout this world, know that God is our foundation of love, 
You'll be glad you found happiness as you catch sight of a white dove.

While sitting on the mountaintop, you watch the fire's embers die in the night
and look up at the starlit heavens and know that soon it will become light.

Are we prepared to fight the good fight, to pray for the many sinners?   
That inhabit these many towns, cities, and states, hoping to be a winner.

God made a way for people to unite, in churches, synagogues, in prayer
Sharing the well-meaning scriptures that together we shall declare...

God's word inspires hope, joy and peace, trust in him my friend,
Be filled with the Holy Spirit until it's time to join Him again.

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