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Humorous take on book club topics of discussion
Those irritating Book Club Topics of Discussion
By Rosewater49

Book: Planet Gordzolla in the Eleventh Dimension

Suggested Topics of Discussion:

1. Chapter one delves into the difficulties the Gordzollians have in dealing with the eleventh dimension (especially the part about excise taxes). Do you really believe the Gordozollians are that put-out, when you consider they use electrons for money?

2. All the rocket cars portrayed in the book are described as being "washed and waxed".  Considering that it rains mud every afternoon, when are they finding time to "wash and wax" their rocket cars?  Be prepared to back up your position.

3. Carlos the field hand is described in chapter 3 as being a "ruthless, vicious, dirty, little cutthroat".  What explains his willingness in the 5th chapter to head up the Gordzollian Way fund raiser? If you think this is a ruse, explain why Carlos "cried like a baby" when accepting the position.

4.  If you could e-mail a Gordzollain, what would you say?

5. What motivates the asteroids in their incessant bombardment of the planet?  Do you think it is just plain dumb luck?

6.  The mention of broccoli is strangely lacking in this tale.  Do you think this is a deliberate plot point to confuse us, or do you think the 1000 degree surface temperature of Gordzolla has anything to do with it?

7. Break up into groups of 3.  Discuss humorous things about the other discussion groups; don't let them know that you are laughing at them.

8. God is never specifically mentioned in the book, but do you think the many references to "the big guy", "the man upstairs", and "his holiness, the man that throws bolts of lightning at us" are just a coincidence, or are they referring to Rush Limbaugh?

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