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An excerpt from the book I plan on writing.
Down in the darkness of the forest, silence pierced the air and strangled the trees. In the middle of this formation, it waited.
“Lies and trickery corrupt this world, and fill it with sorrow. Why did it have to end like this. I did everything, and yet I was tossed aside like a used tissue. Betrayed. Lost, being pulled into solitude while my dreams run away with my downfall. Now I lay here, lamenting on my horrid fate as-”

“For the love of god, shut up.” An irritated grumble came from the small kitchen.
“Have you no sympathy for my pain?” This came from a whining arts major that was currently lying face down on the ground. “I’m here devastated, and you couldn’t care less.”
“I’m in Accounting, I don’t have any ability to sympathize with something so pathetic.” Jeff left the kitchen and stared at his blond friend. “So you got rejected. It happens. Why bother mulling it over when you could be doing something much more productive, like helping clean this mess.” He gestured over to the empty containers of junk food.
Albert got up from the floor and brushed crumbs off his face. “You are awful! This one was different! Don’t you want to know what happened?” He got up and started to clean.
Jeff glared at the ceiling. “I don’t want to know, but knowing how you are, you’re going to tell me anyway.”
There was a loud thud as Al jumped onto the table and proceeded to take some imaginary spotlight that was always with him. “I knew you wanted to hear it! Now sit back as I describe my torture in heart wrenching detail!”
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