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We've all had them. Some take them seriously. This one was a little strange.
Facebook Wars ?

I was on Facebook recently and commented on something in the news feed (interesting what passes for news these days). A friend (funny how we call some folks we have never met friends) posted a campaign picture of Pres. Obama, stating how great things will be when he is re-elected. Well I had the nerve to comment after some of her friend's positive, and not so positive remarks. (Please excuse any errors, etc. this is how they were posted),

I commented, " Both parties suck, it is time for real change, My grandfather was right, they are all a bunch of liars ".

The poster quickly informed me, " Each to his or her own.....But usually that blanket opinion is an uninformed one ".

So I came back, " Our leaders are completely out of touch from the people, they represent big money and big corporations, and they are not real leaders, there is a shadow government behind them, pulling the strings, they want us to choose sides, left, right, then we think we make a difference, it's all a lot of nonsense. It's all been scripted, the media, which is controlled, will shape public opinion and the man who is supposed to win, will win. The last man who won and wasn't supposed to win was Kennedy, and we all know what happened to him. They keep us divided for a reason, keeps THEM in control, we need to break this 2 party system, shut down the Federal Reserve and take OUR country back ".

And she says, " Most of what you have to say is pretty much the truth the Corporations have control of the entire works, so you can't just throw down the whole country and say I want nothing to do with any of it, you have to decide how we are going to go about fixing it. The Corps love having us being at each others throats and the only way we can do anything is to see what the problem is and start moving in the opposite direction!! ".

Now, I was trying to grasp what she is saying. I respond " Getting behind Democrats or Republicans, for the most part, will never move us in a good direction, they both will sell us out, we need to stop this "lesser of 2 evils" way of thinking, they count on us thinking this way. There are independents in disguise, so to speak, who are free thinkers, Ron Paul for example. Why do you think the media demonized the guy and ignores him most of the time? The only way to quit being at each others throat, is to not buy into this left, right thing. Like I said, THEY (and they control the media) keep us divided. I say to hell with both parties, it's time to think outside of this paradigm. Question Everything".

So she comes back with " No Ron Paul is going to get you in a bigger mess than you ever dreamed possible, like I said uninformed!! ".

So I say, " I never said I support Ron Paul, He does speak out against the Federal Reserve, and they need to be abolished, private bankers should not have the power they have. Are you saying I am uniformed?... are you saying the president is not a liar? "

Her, again, " You just seem to want to argue. I don't disagree with our situation, but I am, disagreeing that we can just dump the whole thing and hate everything.. this is the real world and we have to work with it, or go about things in an Democratic manner not just hate everything.".

And I come back with, " I'm not sure what you getting at, I didn't know I was arguing and I certainly don't hate everything, I was just voicing an opinion, and if breaking away from the 2 party system means dumping the whole thing, then so be it. "

So now, she says, " That's not what I was saying and in fact I think we need more parties like 4 or 5 would be great in fact in countries that have more parties in their country it works better you don't have one party trying to become the major power like it is here, the corporations are in fact taking over and they have found that the republican party is the one that will fight for what they want.. and that is exactly what we don't want..".

OK, so I say, " To say the Republican Party is the one that fights for corporations is just false, both parties take their money and work for their interests, there is really very little difference between the 2 major parties, that is why I won't get behind either one, when 34% or more cop this attitude, we will see real change and elect someone who can really represent the people. "

I guess I've really crossed the line now and she responds, " Like I said before you seem to just be interested in arguing from the very start I do not wish to, this is my page and you can post whatever you want on your own page.. I totally disagree with what you just said , I tried to be nice and it seems you are not interested in agreeing to just disagree, so i guess we are done discussing anything. byeeeee ".

Wow, I know we should not talk politics at Thanksgiving dinners and other such events, but I guess Facebook may be sacred ground now, also. I try not to take this Facebook shit too serious. It is kind of the Matrix, people act like it is real or something, Hey man, I have 3000 friends and I don't even have to leave my house. You don't even have to leave your home to vote. God, I miss the old days. Oh, by the way, Question Everything ?
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