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the first chapter of Forever Gone Love *note all names been changed due to privacy law*
This is not a sory of a girl finding love and having babies this isnt a chopped up romance novel or a fairy tale, this is about pain revelent to a charming young boy, Christian Chase Lendaly. Christian is tall but not too tall, a sexy cute baby faced boy. He has short hair beautiful eyes and and a breathetaking smile.
Christian is not exactly a ladies man, well ge has alot of pretty friends that are girls. He doesnt have alot girls that have a crush on him, not even me. I say this because I am in love with him. He's a seventeen year old senior now in highschool at dustwood highschool, a school in dustwood nebraska. Christian has a sarcastic attitude to him and he has these beautiful eyes and a heart whelming smile like i already mentioned.
While girls thing he is cute they think he is annoying. He likes to make jokes about everybody and everything he wants to make people laugh. I dont think he is annoying at all, I would rather him be the way he is then be like somebody else. I think this is what makes him such a heartbreaker. I find him more then attractive. Me I am personality wise average for a teen girl. I put up posters, do my makeup, laugh with friends, read magazines, listen to music, and obsess over Justin Bieber. I am the most sarcastic person you will ever meet. I am barely five feet tall and i have brown hair but recently dyed it red. A pretty red. I'm not a skinny ass bitch and i think everyone will agree. I Have friends from every clique , i'm not saying im popular because I dont think I am, but I do have friends. Also if you diss Bieber my biggest inspiration i will punch you in the face. At my old school some people considered me innocent and the rest of them considered me a trouble making bitch. When you are done reading this story you can decide for yourself
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