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Just a fair warning, these lyrics are disgustingly violent.
Bloodstains prolong satan's reign
Bloodstains all over the carpet and oozing from your fuckin' brain.
Legally insane, killing is my only game, my victims have no name.
No shame, blame my upbringing or the media fuck if I care.
Let's see if you can bear the pain, when I ram this axe in your fuckin main frame.
Niggers, Kikes, Crackers and Dikes, I kill 'em all.
Nobody escapes, wherever I go bodies fall.
Knifes, fishin' line and even ice picks, broken glass.
So what, this object's blunt, I'll beat your fuckin' ass.
Beat you to a bloody pulp and shove it in your fuckin' ass.
3:30 in the morning I beat down the fuckin' door.
All that fills my mind is mutilating one whore.
Fuck me and that's fine, but fuck my homie and your gonna fuckin' die.
My heart racin' as I run up the stairs,
she's wakin' up now she realizes that someone's there.
Bust down the door and I grab her by her fuckin' hair.
Kickin' and screamin' I can hear her heavily breathing.
I take her hair and I begin to tear.
Tear and tear and tear, till I hold a scalp and bloody clump of fuckin' hair.
I can see the blood and the entrails and it makes me hot.
I wip my dick out and rub it all over the bloodiest spot.
Horrified, she can't do nothin' can't even fuckin' scream.
Just sit there and watch as I cream all over the bloody fuckin' stump.
Brain matter's pokin' out,
what should I do next mabye I'll just choke her, end it now.
But that's to easy, I ain't no fuckin' failure.
I stand the bitch up and push her up against the wall.
Rip off her pants the pretty pink panties go next.
She's cryin' cause she knows what's comin' next.
I lick my finger and I slide it in her fuckin' snatch,
she cries and kicks and screams, I hit her in the face until I can't recodnize her under the blood.
Two fingers, then three and four.
She doesn't want it, but she gets wet anyway what a fuckin whore.
I push and push my whole fist is in there now.
I yank it out and blood comes gushin' out, I'm awed, wow.
Next is her ass, I never leave a hole un-touched.
I put a knife in her pussy and slice up till I reach her little butt.
The blood's all over, but she's still alive to see her attacker's face.
I flip her over and I see all the pain in her eyes.
I watch her and stare as she slowly dies.
Next is the chainsaw i shove it in her fuckin mouth.
The oil is my lube and I proceed to fuck her face with it,
the blades cut into her throat and it turns me on hearin' her choke
on her own fuckin' blood, it's over now I turn it on.
The chainsaw's goin' and her fuckin doesn't stay on for long,
It never stays whole, splattered all over the fuckin wall.
The carnage was a beautiful sight, a perfect way to start our anniversary night.

Thankyou Scum, and anybody else from L.S.P for giving me ideas for fucked up song lyrics.
I didn't rhyme all the time or have much flow, but it's so fuckin' gory nobody notices anyway.
I would just like to say that I would never dream of doing this to a woman, but violence is very entertaining to me when it is just fictional. I know this piece is probably very controversial and disgusting, but if you feel the same way I do please read.
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