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The knights of reality destroy my nights of escape
Knights coming for me
Ladies to defend
The truth is kept hidden
Nightmares without end

Nights they are like this
My mind does not rest
Images building
Like waves to a crest

Knights will not find me
I know I'm safe here
Surrounded by beauty
There's no need to fear

Nights in the darkness
My dreams hide from light
Asleep I can keep
The real world out of sight

Knights they are angry
They don't understand
That these ladies desire
The warm touch of my hand

Nights with the moon
And the stars overhead
And I with my lovely
Young vixens in bed

Knights they are startled
Our lust driven cries
They're too distant to see
The truth told in our eyes

Nights when my passion
Bursts out from the seams
Reality please
Stay away from my dreams

Knights they are mounting
Their horses to ride
Toward me and my ladies
And now we must hide

Nights filled with danger
So soon I'll be dead
I'm restless while fleeing
These knights in my bed

Knights are upon me
I'm nearing my death
A young lady's aroma
I inhale my last breath

Nights when they're over
A new day begins
My dreams they fall down
And reality wins
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