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thanks for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts on Any of my writing. Pete.
a young man struggles.
gadgets, sports, things..
"all American boy"
rules to live by, lessons to learn
eyes give in to girls and other worlds around-
a young man struggles.

pressure makes acne conceal more acne.
head falls down, parties prepare him for missing more parties.
at some point exaggeration leads to misrepresentation of values.
pressure leaves a young man thinking.

the perfume of it all grows and takes his breath away.
he throws up his arms and gives in to what he knows to be right and true.
he stands up and straightens out shaking off the shaking.
he doesn't think as much and when he does he smiles or has a sandwich.
maybe he'll even frown and burn a steak.

a man in his prime gets over weakness and finds a different saga.
now he's not so full of madness, he turns to others
the isolation of childhood teaches
many doubts teach.

he looks at role models for the examples they offer.
the "American male" chooses to be
whatever he will be.
his blood is blue and occasionally red.
he appreciates what drives him and observes and discerns.

scars, tattoos, or no-
below the brain, around the gut, beating the heart
or wherever the inner man aspires
a man finds fascination in his answer...comfort, guidance,
ambitious hanging on to giving in.
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