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This is the story of a girl who is afraid of the monster in her closet.
I'm a light sleeper sure, but I guess that that happens when every night your closet door opens and a horrifying monster with pitch black eyes, florescent green skin, and teeth stained with crimson red comes out to scare you! I've told my mom about it but she says I have an overactive imagination and need to stop renting horror movies if they were going to freak me out like this. The time i dread is near, I give one look at my closet then run across my room to my bed and draw the covers over my head.

I wake up to the sound of a door opening and a dim green light flooding the room, its my monster. A gentle tug on the sheets lets me know he's at my bed, I try to keep the sheets over my head but its impossible its so much stronger. Just seeing his face could have killed Chuck Norris but his breath would have incinerated him, its the smell of roting flesh and death I try to let out a scream.

I can't scream because its hand is like an iron clamp cutting off the only sound that is playing on my lips, a scream. With its free arm it scoops me up as I thrash about trying to get away. The thing turns back to the closet taking me with it as the door closes I say goodbye to those I love because when they come to wake me it will be too late I will long have passed from this world so take my warning sleep with your light off if you dare.
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