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I wrote this chapter a few years ago.
  It was just after dawn when three friends were walking down a path in the woods hunting. Just one mile north of them a girl their age was riding for her life with three remarkable stones stolen from the king himself. Faren the kings’ right hand man was sent after the girl to get the stones back.
Kayla was a short black haired thirteen year old girl. She had a dragon birthmark just like her two friends; hers was a blue dragon with a purple tail. Zackary was a tall brown haired boy thirteen years of age, like his two friends he had a dragon birthmark his was jet black with red wings and red tail. I am a blond haired girl thirteen years of age I also had a birthmark of a dragon mine is different it has every color on it, my name is Carrly.
  With the kings order the kids parents were killed in cold blood the orphaned children went to live with their godfather Jacob he took them in with love in his heart, the children Kayla, Zack, and Carrly grew to be healthy fifteen year olds and the girl that was running away from the king still had the stones, running and hiding any and everywhere she could.
  “Zack give me my sword please I need to train with Kayla!” My stupid friend had stolen my sword and was slashing thin air “make me a sword and I will.” He had been pestering me about making him a sword after I made Kayla one so she could practice with me. “Ok I will make you a sword!” “And,” “AND GIVE ME MY SWORD BACK NOW ZACK BEFORE I KILL YOU!” “Ok here.” “Thanks!” I said angrily “You’re welcome.” Zack said. Kayla was waiting at the barn for me. “I thought that you forgot about me.” Kayla said mockingly. “Zack had my sword and the only way he would give me my sword back Is if I would make him a sword, so let’s hurry up ok!” She laughed at me she actually laughed at me. “You knew!” I said shouted surprised “it was Jacobs’ idea not mine he said Zack needs to train to” now she was on the floor laughing. “Me teach Zack? That really funny! ” Now I was laughing as hard as Kala was. Meanwhile the girl that was running from the king was being chased by Faren this time she would not get away but the stones would not be with her. She held up one of the stones and said “remorse!” and the stone vanished into thin air she did the same thing with the last two stones. The girl fell of her horse and started running on foot then Faren was at her side with a sword to her throat, “where are the stones Zeffer!” Faren said to the girl. “They have found their owners Faren and you can go tell the king that.” Zeffer said coldly. I think I will and you will be coming with me you little brat Faren was thinking.
  “CLASH, BANG, BOOM,” the sound of metal pounding on metal was all I could hear for the hours I spent making Zacks sword and finally it was done, it was magnificent the blade bent in just the right spots so that he could swing it with ease and it still be lightweight so I was sure it was going to be lethal in a fight to the death just like mine and Kaylas’. As I came up out of the basement with it I heard Jacob say “it will be done soon Zack calm down or go outside and wait.” I walked in to the room with the sword in a cloth and handed it to Zack, he undid the cloth and said “it looks amazing Carrly I cant tell you how thankful I am” “yes you can by training and going hunting with me and Kayla ok!” “Ok let us go soon!” All of the anger that was directed at him was gone now, when I worked with metal it was like nothing else was relevant, and the look on his face made it all feel so good it was like a child getting a sled in the winter and they will treasure it for as long as they have it, it was that good. “We will go hunting soon and hope we catch something and have fun.” I said
As the three kids are going hunting Zeffer was in the palace dungeon with Faren at her neck trying to get her to tell him where she sent the stones and she told him “the next time you will see the stones is as dragons with their young owners riding them!” he told the king what she said and the king said “find them and kill them they will not overtake me and destroy what I have made my kingdom!” as the king was sitting there he was thinking, Zeffer you have pulled my last straw what will do with you daughter of my sister.
“Over there are three bucks one for all of us” Zack whispered to me and Kayla we all chose one and got our bows ready to fire. Zack mouthed the words on three he put his foot down three times and we all fired at once but as the arrows found their marks there were no deer instead there were stones. They did not look like normal stones but they indeed were quite beautiful. We took the stones home and put them in the barn so Jacob would not see them we stayed in the barn that night we don’t know why but we did, the next day we went to town to trade the stones for some meat. “ How much for that piece of meat Wron.” I asked “to much for you Carrly” “we have something to trade” we put the stones on the counter he picked one up and looked at it and said “where did you find these.” “We found all three of the stones in the woods.” “Take them back they were stolen from the king.” Wow now that was the most interesting thing he said in a long time, why were stones so important to the king I thought as my mind raced.
  Find them and kill them easer said than done I will send a group of men trained under me to kill them Faren thought. “Now they are young fifteen to be correct if any of you have problems with killing children leave now. Good none of you left so get them and kill them now go.”
  “Like we’ll take them back to the woods” I said to Zack and Kayla “I agree not to take them back to the woods. Zack do you?” “yeah I agree lets put them back in the barn.” We spent the night in the barn again. “CRACKLE, CRACK,” “what was that” I said “I don’t know” Kayla said “lets check it out” Zack said, as he got up to light the lamp we heard it a second time. With the lamp lit we looked around and what we saw was amazing, the stones weren’t stones they were eggs! “Wow their dragons, and look that one looks like my birthmark! Can you believe it, its jet black with red wings and a red tail!” Zack said, Kayla and I were too stunned to talk. As we were standing there looking stupid Jacob walked in and said “I told your parents that the birthmark was a sign of a dragon owner they just didn’t believe me about it now I know it’s true.” He didn’t sound too surprised about that fact as we were. They were so cutie they had little bumps were their horns were going to be one of them had bumps on its tail they all looked so young and one of them had quite a bossy temper just like me. We didn’t talk for some time Kayla was the one to break the silence by saying “what are we suppose to do with a dragon Jacob?” Jacob just looked at us for a few seconds then said something that surprised us all “well learn how to ride it silly” we just stared at him finely I said “it looks like we each have a dragon that matches our birthmark, I say we teach them how to fly.”
  Teach the dragons how to fly that was a great thing to say but much harder thing to do than we thought it would be of course I did not think of how we would teach them how to fly before I suggested it. “This was a stupid idea!” Zack said “hey why don’t we just try throwing them up in the air that’s one thing we have not tried yet.” Kayla said with sarcasm in her voice “that’s a great idea lets try it!” I said. Why didn’t I think of that was running through my mind as we tossed our baby dragons in the air.
    It was amazing the moment they were in the air the started flying but our smiles faded as they kept flying and were not turning around. Then the clouds started to act strangely there was lightning and thunder but no rain then our dragons appeared but they were growing it was amazing to watch as they changed in size, then they landed next to each of us all of the sudden I heard someone talking to me I looked around then noticed my friends doing the same thing I finely looked at my dragon and saw it was the one talking to me it said “I am Camorrist and you are my owner Carrly. I will as long as I live, be with you, and no one else will ride me except you and your friends. I guess you will want to know what the other dragons names are, the black one is named Dataries he is stubborn sometimes and is a little annoying to just like his owner Zack I suspect, the blue one is named Natrona she is determined and strong willed just like her owner Kayla too most likely, but I on the other hand am a born leader, strong, loving, and wise in decisions on the battlefield and in life like you. We will take care of you and your friends for as long as we all shall live.” This is crazy I’m crazy, I mean talking dragons! “Humph. I can assure you you’re not crazy.” “What! You can read my mind to! That’s really kinda cool.” “Thanks.” Wow we can talk to each other in our minds I thought. Yes we can and you can also talk to your brother and sister riders. Camorrist told me, thanks Camorrist I won’t forget. 
      Just then a man on horseback came riding in to the clearing and said “I knew when I saw the birthmarks they were the dragon owners but they are so young. I am sorry I did not introduce myself my name is Venice Mantra Carnie, Venn for short.” The man said looking at me in a way that made me feel awkward, I cannot describe the look he gave me it was just weird and apparently I was not the only one to see it I don’t like the way he is looking at you, but he is sort of cutie if you ask me. Camorrist thought, well I agree about the look, and I did not ask you if he’s cutie but I agree he is kinda cutie I thought back “So Venn what brings you here to this clearing that does not include our dragons?” I asked truly wanting to know how he happened upon this of all clearings. “Well your certainly must be the leader are you not?” he asked instead of answering my question “answer my question first Venn.” I said sharply I hated it when people changed the subject instead of just answering a question. “Well ok little lady it was the fact that all three of you have swords ant your sides and dragon birthmarks that make you three different from other children your age not to add the dragons at your each of your sides. Now you answer my question are you the leader or not child?” He said back sharply “Ok I am the leader. What does it mater to you anyway.” I spit back at the man. “You are the leader so you make the decisions. Now decide if you will help the people of this kingdom defeat the king and let the land be ruled by dragon owners again!” he shot back I looked at my dragon and she said “we have been talking about  what he said and we are all in if you owners are in.” Camorrist said. I looked at my friends and said “your dragons most likely already told you but I am in if you guys are in.” I said to them. “I am in!” Kayla said full heartedly. “I am so in!” Zack said happily.
      Venn looked as happy as we felt “good but you have to learn how to ride” he was cut short by screaming coming from the village we all looked at each other and took off running toward the village as we got in seeing range of our cottage just at the edge of the village we saw some men running through the village chasing people out of their houses and killing all the fifteen year olds that’s when we knew that they were after us we went into our cottage first and Kayla started to scream but Venn covered her mouth with his had so nobody would hear her, tears were running down mine and Zacks’ face as we looked down at the body of our godfather that was another sign that those men were after us, and me, Zack, Kayla, and Venn would not go down with out a fight. We all walked out of the cottage and ran for the village the men saw us coming and stopped what they were doing and just stared at us and smiled the villagers were watching us to.
      I grabbed the hilt of my sword and pulled it out of its sheath as did my friends and Venn that’s when the men realized we were attacking them and they unsheathed their swords to, the villagers watched in awe as a group made up of three teenagers and one young adult attacked a group of about twelve. One of the surviving fifteen year olds told his mom we were committing suicide and that we were crazy. As I took on three men the boy shut up and watched in awe as the men I was fighting started to fallback I turned and went to help Venn who wasn’t doing so well, finely the men retreated and the surviving villagers stared in awe at my friends and I. “We have to leave or they will come back and kill the rest of the villagers. And Carrly we need to help the wounded before we leave don’t you agree?” Kayla asked “I do agree lets call our dragons and make sure that we have what we need for the journey and to help the wounded.” “CAMORRIST!” I yelled with she was there after a few minuets. “DATARIES!” Zack yelled and he was there in the same amount of time as Camorrist was. “NATRONA!” Kayla yelled too.
      All the villagers were awestricken at the sight of the dragons; the fifteen year old said “Now these kids are surely crazy! I mean dragons, come on! They aren’t planning on having them eat us are they mum?” I shot him a look and said “they won’t eat you unless we tell them to, so please don’t tempt me because you are getting on my last nerve and my patience is wearing thin with you kid!” he just stared at me looking scarred and his mum had a mad look on her face “how dare you talk to my son like that you little twit!” she yelled at me “well tell your son to keep his mouth shut will you!” I shot back at her and then I said “we didn’t have to save you we could have let you die what would it matter to us but we didn’t let you die so that is saying something is it not.” She just looked at me for a minuet then said “what does it say that you saved us when you could have let us die?” she asked in a small voice I looked at her and said “it means that we cared about you.”
    After we cared for the wounded we got some supplies for the journey and a few bags to put on the pack horse we were taking with us. Venn was going on horse back so he could keep up with the pack horse but we were going to learn how to fly on the journey. We had no clue were we were going but we would go anyway to keep the village safe. The city of Karen was were the king lived maybe we would go there and try to overthrow the king maybe we would go to Omara were the princess of the northern kingdom is and we can rest and escape the kings’ cold blooded killings seeing as we are on his hit list. Were we go does not mater at the moment for now we will just rest before the journey and leave in the morning at sunrise.
  The men will be back soon and tell me that the kids are dead and that the king won’t have to worry about being overthrown Faren thought to himself. He heard footfalls and the door came open and the men he sent came in “are the children dead?” he asked the leader, the man was silent for awhile then he spoke “no”  he said in a small voice that sounded higher than it was supposed to. “NO! HOW CAN THEY NOT BE DEAD! WHAT PART OF KILL THEM DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!” Faren was so mad he could have killed the man but he didn’t instead he said “GET HIM OUT OF MY SIGHT, THROW HIM IN THE DUNGON NOW!” he yelled at the second in command. “Oh by the way your in charges now so I want those kids dead get it, got it, good.” What a stupid man I will go the king at once and tell him that the kids are not dead.
  How will I get out of here it has been almost a month and those eggs must have hatched by now, the dragons grown and ready to ride but they must learn how to ride on their own and that will not be easy to do. Think, think, think, think how can I tell those kids that I’m here in the kings’ dungeon and not at my palace. Hmmm, I’ve got it my sister I can send my sister a mental message and she can find them and help them.
    Zeffer sent the message to her sister Lila and Lila got it. “Zack don’t goof of you might fall off Dataries!” I yelled over the wind as we were flying. “He wont listen to you he will learn the hard way Carrly. Hey look is that smoke?” Camorrist said. “Lets land we need to go on foot past that smoke, Camorrist stay in the clouds please.” I yelled again at my friends. “Why are you landing?” Venn asked. “We don’t know what that smoke is coming from, so I don’t think that it would be smart to go flying over.” I told him as I pointed at the smoke. We started walking toward the smoke, at that moment Venns’ paints leg came up and I saw a bandage on his leg so I had to ask, “what happened to your leg Venn?” He answered “does it really matter?” “Yes it does I want us all to be honest with each other, now what happened to your leg?” When he did not answer I got a dagger and cut the rag of a bandage off and found a birthmark, not just any birthmark a dragon birthmark! “You have a dragon birthmark and you didn’t tell us? Why?” He looked at me waited a moment and said “because my dragon was killed by the king in a war that was supposed to have ended the dragon era, but now I know it was not truly over and wont be any time soon.” Is all he said. I looked a Camorrist and thought, did you know about him being a dragon owner? She thought back, it was not my place to tell you he had to tell you himself. A new voice was in my head now, Zackary! Hey this is so cool can you believe it we can talk to each other in our minds! Zack thought happily. GET OUT OF MY MIND ZACK! I thought back sharply, sorry just wanted to talk. Than talk out loud so we can all hear, Venn and Kayla thought in unison. Now this mind reading thing was starting to drag. As I started to answer a new voice was in my head it said this, my name is Lila sister of princess Zeffer of the northern kingdom I have a message for all dragon owners Zeffer is not at her palace she is in the southern palace held against her will answer me if you see the smoke signals. I looked up and saw the signals and thought back, Lila I am Carrly and I see the signals are you hurt do you need help is the princess okay? Hi Carrly I am hurt and need help and my sister needs help after you help me, thank you for answering my call. “CAMORRIST!” I yelled. What’s up Carrly? An owner named Lila is in trouble she needs help. Okay let’s go get her. She’s at the smoke pillar I said. I got on Camorrist and said come on get on Venn you ride with me we all got on a dragon and started flying toward the smoke. The young owner waved her arms we landed and she said “I’m Lila I’m so glad you found me but I had no idea that you had others with you.” Wow another owner but, were is her dragon? “Hi Lila I’m Carrly I am the one who answered your call, the others are Venn, Zack, and Kayla.” I told her “Venn you are the leader are you not?” Lila asked. Venn smiled and said “ I may be the oldest but I am not the leader for I do not have a dragon anymore-” Lila cut him off and said “what happened to your dragon Venn? And who is-” this time I cut her off “Venn’s dragon was killed by the king and I’m the leader!” She looked surprised “You’re the leader but your so young, oh and no surprise about your dragon Venn sorry though.” I like her, Zack thought well I don’t I thought back I agree with Carrly , Venn thought oh shut up we should like her till she gives us reason not to, Kayla thought sharply we agree with Kayla all three dragons thought in harmony I agree with Kayla and the dragons darn it Lila was listening that whole time. “Sorry” I told her “its ok I understand why you wouldn’t trust me, I mean some weird person just asking for help heck I would feel the same way if you did the same thing.” Lila said to us, now she was making sense but the question I want answered I have yet to ask, were is her dragon? “Carrly do you know what happened to her dragon?” Kayla asked, “no but I will ask. Lila were is your dragon?” She just stared at me for a moment closed her eyes and shuddered as a silent sob went through her, “me and my dragon were very close but it was not to last, like Venn my dragon was killed by my uncle, the king of the southern kingdom and soon the northern kingdom as well if we don’t save the princess and defeat the king before he kills you.” She sounded sad as well as determined “I’m sorry about your dragon and your sister but we all need rest and a good one at that, we can take you to the northern kingdom rest then go save the princess and her kingdom.” I said in a very commanding voice not even Zack argued with. The next morning we set out to the northern kingdom with Lila on with Kayla and Natrona, Zack on Dataries, and me and Venn on Camorrist. How much longer Lila I thank Venn is getting a little to use to this. Not much longer Lila said.
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