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by jaya
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The night of the devil.
Halloween Horror

The night was gloomy and the air, bitter cold.
A chill cut across the fields, the dark shadows
traced the hilly path with me as I walked up
to the white house, an eagle’s nest atop.

The moon was a pale crescent like a life
hanging thin on the strips of dark clouds.
The lamp shivered, the wick snuffed out
in the rising wind with a razor’s edge.

Like a lost soul I was caught in a devil’s grip.
The prince of darkness grinned, his minions
merrily cheered the leader, the fallen angel.
I was their night’s fun, ah, the devilish night!

It was two hours before dawn, when they stopped
tossing me around like a rag doll over the hill and
the dark dale beneath, the owls and the ghouls
hooted and howled gleeful through the night of evil.

A crowd of white apparitions, shapeless, shifting
mass moved on brisk along the mountain side
melting finally into the ghostly breaking dawn.
Halloween Horror left me hallucinating for days!

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