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going on and off...i wanted to write earlier ideas i had, couldnt bring it to mind so..
Into it being intimate Being whole
not up to nothing to understand or be construed as half of one out of two or three.

the thinking here is what the maybe gives up to yes or no
the tank explodes leaving all the average men more better batting numbers pitching and getting onto base.

enjoy yourself as if the whole damned country just like obliged itself to you
shower out power gone by the by.

hell or high water means what the saying says
it burns and it gets in your molars when you chew your gum.

into it Being intimate been blue
not down for now to have peace or parts...let me put it to ya like this...take control and put on your pants without hesitation.

even your socks...put em on and tie your shoes.
enjoy yourself as if no-one in town was around and if they was  who could stop them from  observing anything any damn way.

Look Gus...its all like, immaterial.  Trust me, a golf club is just a wedge if you're on the green, ya need a good wedge and slice.
I eat my pie and crust and whipped cream...I could care less.

here's the deal...
what's the deal?

I am no nothing therefore I prefer most anything.
wax on ...whammy bar off.

Tell this to your folks...take a leap off a short pier and bring a bathrobe.
you'll all need it when you're on your first coffee break and all the yodels are wondering why you're drinking coffee at this God forsaken hour.

+++the middle...+++

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