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Ongoing list of the main cast of Project One Man War Saga's core timeline. (1993-2014)
SDD Works Presents: Main Cast Of Project One Man War Saga

Encompassing Projects One Man War, Shattered Skies and Neko 25: Love And The Endless War

(Occurring between 1993 and 2014, Earth Standard Time)

*This is an ongoing list, and will take quite a while to complete as information on the core of the original cast (back in the days when Project One Man War was a comic) ranges between canon and non-canon due to updates across eight years of work. As well, actual information may include references to events happening after 2014 for various reasons; this is merely a list of main characters appearing between 1993 and 2014, and many became more well-known after 2014, but were still important beforehand.*

I also apologize in advance for how confusing this is likely going to turn out to be: I lost the original template for biographies years ago, and so they've somewhat merged with my writing style: less structured, more onslaught of thought processes in no particular order. Please wear a helmet for the duration of your stay. This is to prevent any family members who walk in from being covered with brain matter in the event your head spontaneously explodes as a result of process overload. I like to say the United Nations lists me name under 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' so I'd like to avoid expanding on that, thanks. (I should write that in Weazelez- I mean legalese.)

So without further making you fear for your life, we begin. (Again, in no particular order until it's totally finished. Wait, did I say 'until' instead of 'if'? That seems like progress...)

[Update: April 29th, 2013: Need to alter Commander Tank's entry some. There's been a canon shift I forgot about; he's not older than Mark Seven. Also, his name is now Scott "Tank" Recono. Also, the bit about him and Rckt needs to be finalized, I find I keep forgetting it because I can never decide if he knew of Rckt's plight beforehand, or if he stumbled into him. There's merits in both, and the way it is written here shows that Rckt can fire off his WMD himself, if pushed too far. Also unsure about Demon's past, the concept that he could remember a planet is interesting, but part of his appeal to me is that the man is completely, totally, utterly a mystery. And I believe the info here is a little confusing, too.]

Commander Scott R.'Tank' Mimasaka
Commander Tank comes from a long line of complete abject failures. Well, to be correct, he isn't a complete failure- he's alive at least, but he's still an abject failure. One of the last batch of failed attempts at creating a hybrid BioAndronian, Commander Tank is one of the last surviving test subjects of Project Prime Generation, and one of the luckiest. Commander Tank escaped his unsuccessful fusion with just a permanently disfigured face, whereas almost every other surviving failure was mentally scarred or physically deformed beyond belief. Everyone else straight up died- at least if the fusion process didn't vaporize their bodies outright. Commander Tank retained all of his mental processes and arguably came out on top overall: intrigued by the almost unscarred outcome, the IBAE scientists gave the former sergeant a full tactical exam expected of a sergeant, and when he passed that they gave him the much harder Officer tactical exam, which he almost aced. He was discharged amidst a gaggle of befuddled white lab coats and placed in charge of security at what was the Third and Fourth Generation BioAndroid production facilities, a position that kept him in the military, which was his only love in life, and out of sight of the general public. He was present when the catastrophic glitch occurred, reversing the two new models' psychologies, and would eventually come to connect with one of the more disturbed models, Rckt, who would later become the only Fourth Generation BioAndroid to retain the WMD device embedded in his skeleton, despite being the most vocal pacifist. (Third Generation was to be a series of sleeper agents equipped with WMD devices to hide within selected societies of concern, activated if and when the society in question became a threat to the IBAE. The Fourth Generation was to be a series of diplomats with an emphasis on non-violent operation. As a result of the glitch, the Third Generation was either equipped with an undeployable WMD or nothing at all, ironically making them the closest thing to genuine artificial human life ever created. The Fourth Generation BA's, on the other hand, were often discovered to house an active WMD in addition to a working command network; however, these same units also retained their pacification programming, creating a very confusing situation. There was no way for the IBAE to extract the WMD's out of panic-striken BA's, so all of them would be stuck loudly protesting their own existence for almost two billion years, and Rckt's WMD was fused directly to his skeleton- replacing much of his spine- and by the time he would be due for extraction the facility that handled it would be... out of business.)

Commander Tank would eventually leave the production facility as the Fourth Generation BA units made him increasingly aware of his own problems, and would find Rckt halfway across BioAndronia, hiding in a dead forest in the deranged belief that he could unleash the WMD and not do any damage. (On BioAndronia, there is intense respect for the planet, the sun, and the moon as a result of the scope of environmental damage BA production caused, and Commander Tank- although disheartened- was still a loyal soldier of the IBAE, so he was not about to let a crazed BA blow a chunk out of the planet.) He found he was able to calm Rckt, and that once calmed down the BA was quite friendly. After spending almost four days doing nothing but discussing things, the two were discovered by an IBAE patrol dispatched to find the missing BA. Rckt nearly went critical when he was separated from his new friend, and after Commander Tank calmed him down and it was discovered that the unit would respond extremely negatively outside Tank's presence, he was given the new task of keeping it from going critical, which he has faithfully performed for his entire life, even after Rckt fled BioAndronia and defected to the GDA after Snpr Mk. VII located him.

As of 2014, Commander Tank is roughly three thousand years old in EST. His age in UAT is unknown due to an intentional obscuring of all records remotely related to Project Prime Generation, including all personnel files. Commander Tank gradually became loyal more to Rckt than the IBAE, allowing him to follow Rckt to Earth and through his defection without even thinking about what he did in any way until long after the fact. Although Rckt became much more independent after Snpr Mk. VII acquired him, Commander Tank still stuck close at hand, and eventually went from being a preventive measure to exactly the opposite. He became Rckt's handler, as nobody else could really make him do things on account of his connection to Commander Tank, and stood by Rckt anytime there was a possibility the WMD was required. (Rckt's WMD had only been deployed once prior to Earth when Commander Tank discovered a Galactic Liberation Front elite unit closing in on their residence, and was forced to try to convince Rckt that his deployment of his WMD was absolutely critical. He only succeeded in doing so because of the reason he and Rckt were so close in the first place: both of them lamented the bodies they had.) Commander Tank stood by Rckt throughout the Second and Third Great Defensive Wars, and swore to himself he'd do so until the day he breathed his last.

For all of Commander Tank's seriousness, extreme bouts with depression, and often very offensive humor, he would become an integral part of the GDA, being absolutely critical in bringing Seven out of his extreme hysteria following his forceful release from BT-001, although he would fail to prevent Seven from later confronting BT-001 for the same reason. (He could connect with the scarred Seven on account of his own scars, but his desire to protect Rckt from himself would cause Seven to feel he could not burden Commander Tank with another ward.)

As well, Commander Tank would form the backbone behind the decision of Red Eye 0137 to begin the Fourth Great Defensive War, in equal amounts as Seven... for a different reason altogether.

-          -          -          -          -

Rear Admiral Demon
Demon would be the second person to join Snpr Mk.VII after his defection from the IBAE, and was present at the moment of his Activation alongside Don G. MOMC. He is supposedly the oldest surviving person present that day aside from the Origins Council (Later the Council of Elders; these are the initial inhabitants of BioAndronia, and the creators of the BioAndroids. Note: BioAndronia was not inhabited by any sentient life until the members of the Origins Council arrived on the planet and gave it a name. As well the true age of the Origin is unknown beyond the date the planet was given a name. This is due to the fact that the Origin arrived on BioAndronia as a result of the 4Sin Event; an event that makes them the first lifeforms to cross over into the Void, a dimension existing below the First, where there is an infinite expanse of absolutely no matter, and what is surmised to be the birthplace of the Big Bang. Weather this makes them the first time travelers or the first lifeforms to move to a new dimension is uncertain and unanswerable; unbeknownst to them, the 4Sin Event destroyed the matter universe they were born in in the transition to the Void- matter cannot logically fit where there is nothing at all- and recreated after an unknown time of exile. What is for sure is what they called the Third Dimension vanished for a time and then reappeared, but whether the recreation counts as moving to a new dimension- after all, it recreated from scratch- or simply moving through time in the same dimension- when they found the Solar System it was still forming, putting them at least five billion years prior to the point where they once lived- is likely never to be discovered.

Information on Demon is very light, as nobody knows what he looks like or how old he is beyond a reasonable guess (the age of his apparent home planet) on account of his complete and total invisibility. His alleged home planet does contain lore of a very rare occasion of a mother giving birth to seemingly nothing, but neither his home planet nor even the man himself recalls when he was born; indeed, his home planet no longer even holds any information about him at all. He remains invisible on almost every spectrum of light and color, only appearing as a vague blob when imaged with a Gamma Ray imaging device, the side effects to his body of which are unknown. However, it is theorized that whatever causes his apparent invisibility is the only matter in which gamma rays have trouble passing through; on closer inspection of the image, it was discovered that there were small, random holes that changed position as well as the shape of the blob as time went by, hinting that whatever was causing the invisibility was actually stopping or bending the gamma rays.

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