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About me, my call name, Seabreeze
Seabreeze that’s my call name
Writing is to be my game
It may have rhythm or it may not
But to be sure it has been given some thought!

Like a fresh breeze coming off the shore
I hope to never become a bore
For some roses are red; but not necessarily for me
They might be black as the dark roaring seas.

The sea I came from
The sea I shall return
But before I leave this earth
There is much to gain and much to learn.

Like a cold wind bouncing off the breakers of the shore
I got lots to say that has accumulated in the brain of my store
I don’t care if it sounds corny or far fetched or dumb
Please read it and hear it like the beats coming off a drum.

So sit back and watch as the breeze falls upon you
Like that of the East Coast fresh morning dew
It will amuse you or confuse you or take you away
But, like the Seabreeze that I am, I am here to stay.

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