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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1821986
Some of those on the inside want to see those on the outside
The Selection
By rosewater49

Yesterday, you told me yesterday!

Yeah, yeah, but it makes no difference does it?

It does to me! I now look really stupid for applying for selection.

Who cares? They won’t refuse you.

If I had known the deadline was last week not yesterday I might not have applied.

You then would have missed a great opportunity.

Do you really think it’s that good?

You know it’s that good.  Quite acting na├»ve.

I don’t know, how are they going to let me in late when the notice said the deadline was last week?

Don’t blame me, you didn’t read the notice. When I told you about the selection you looked so excited I had to give you some hope.

Okay, Okay. When will we know?

It doesn’t affect me, it’s you that will benefit.

I can help you if they select me.

Doubt it, they are not into granting favors.

How do you know, things haven’t been so bad lately have they?

If you call only 23 disappearing last month not bad then I would have to agree with you.

They say they haven’t disappeared, only moved.

They say many things.

You are really negative you know?

I’m only stating my opinion. It’s neither positive nor negative.

You would fare better if you appeared to cooperate.

Makes no difference as far as I can tell. Remember Charlie? He cooperated all over himself. Where is he now?

Moved! Maybe his cooperation helped him get to a better place.


That was a negative response. But I will help you if I am selected.

Don’t even bring me up, okay? I don’t need my name discussed by them. I don’t want to disappear. And how do we even know if a better place even exists?

Well don’t you think they are in a better place?

The selection committee? They certainly have means we don’t but no one has ever seen them.  At least no one in here.

If I’m selected I will go through that door and find out. Has to be better!

How can you not be selected? Your idea is revolutionary. They won’t be able to implement it without the rest of the plans and only you know them. What are you smiling about?

Nothing, nothing.

Hey there’s the signal. That was fast, they probably can’t wait to hear your plans. Let’s go to the wall and see the results.

Okay, let's hurry before it gets too crowded.

Damn! I knew it!  You’ve been selected!  Says to gather your belongings and step up to the door. It’s been forever since someone’s been selected!

I’m not taking anything. I’m going just as I am.

Don’t you want your books, your plans?

Naw, won’t need them where I’m going.

What do you mean?

I don’t have any plans.


Yep, no plans. I just want to see them. See if they are real.

How were you going to get me out with no plans?

Tell them you have them. See ya.

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