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This article will outline the importance money plays into your romantic life
Money Matters

Someone once said romance without finance is a nuisance. I must tell you. I do agree with that statement whole-heartedly. Now even the most iron-clad romantically inclined individuals have to face the harsh facts that romance and finance go together. It may not always go as harmoniously as we want it but romance and money are together forever. Imagine a beautiful scene of couple strolling hand and hand in the park on glorious beautiful summer afternoon. For awhile you and your honey get to forget the harsh realities of bills, unemployment, and any other issues that may keep you up at night. The problem is the romantic stroll has to end sometimes. Then you have to step back into the realms of reality. The reality is financial problems can eat through any relationship but especially a marriage quicker than lightning can strike. If you are heading into a long term relationship you must discuss finances (period). It should be an open and honest relationship about how much you have or don’t have if that’s the case. You don’t have to put it all on the table on the first date but if it looks like you guys are going to try for the long haul, talk about the money. The worst thing is to get involved with someone and then be crushed to know they have claimed to have more than they actually have and they are more broke than Florida and James Evans. Money definitely so not everything but it is a necessary factor to living a good life.

When you first go out with someone everyone is on their best behavior and most men try to impress us ladies. Of course, this is a nice gesture but if you can’t afford to keep spoiling then don’t even start. There are ways to show your affection besides spending money you don’t have. Don’t go broke on my accord, stay within your budget, that’s sexy. What I’m saying is don’t act like a baller if you’re not a baller, tell that woman to take you at face value because men you will be paying dearly for years to come. Once you discuss your money, the next step is to exchange credit reports. Oh yes, it’s time to see some paperwork. You must know what you are dealing with, that way you can’t say you didn’t know. Be informed at all times and you will never be blindsided. I’m sure there are plenty of people who may find it difficult to tackle this type of conversation but money matters. You can play it down as much as you like but having the money talks will ease your mind and maybe your pockets as well.
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