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A little about my views on life, and a bit personal.

Bi-Product: By defination is the result after the fact.

Everything is a Bi-product, From the air we breath to the earth we are buried in. 

If I was to punch you in the face, you may feel sad, angry, or even deserving.

Theses are all Bi-Products, The same if i was to kiss you, you may feel love, confusion, or discus t.  They to are Bi-Products.

the growth of trees, and the oxygen we breath are unnecessary together for us to live.  Without rain we would not have water to drink, so our biddies will not dehydrate. 

So what dose this all mean?  All of theses things are a fact.  This is also true in our daily lives, as husbands wives, and parents.  parents are a very big part of the Bi-Product process. 

That includes the action our children watch, and copy.  If you yourself are rude and vulgar, your children will also develop a nasty vocabulary. 

If you yourself are violent, this may also be carried over to your children. 

We have to take a hard long look at ourselves, are we creating a loving nurturing environment, or a hostile one?  what could be better, what is working well? 

Do your kids come to you with their problems, or do they care less about you opinion? 

As a parent, i am not a very good one.  I will be the first one to say that.  I have been a parent since 1995, I don't now if i will ever be a model parent.  I don't even know if i will ever be able to change my ways.  I am getting older and more stubborn every day. 

I have told my own father in the past, that it takes a man to be a dad, any asshole can be sperm donor.  Now, I am finding myself being the asshole, and i don't know how to fix it. 

This is just another example of the Bi-product process.  I know that I need to spend time with all the kids, to show them that I do care.  I know they need to know, I am listening.  That their feelings are also valid. 

We have 6 kids, I find myself telling each of the that I want to spend more one on one time with each of them.  But, that don't work very well.  Things always seem to get lost in the shuffle.  Know one's needs get met at all, when it come to me following though.  I do pretty good at the essentials, dressing, feeding, and school.  This is not nearly enough, when it come to parenting.  I have lost all patients for some of the things that the kids do, or not do.  From the not cleaning their rooms, to fighting with each other.  To leaving the house a mess, to not coming in for bed.  The list goes on  I am at my wits end. 

So just remember, every action has a reaction, so do your best, in your daily living.  To smile, you just never know what a difference you may just make in someones life without even knowing about it. 

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