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we think we have it hard, what about those who don't have anything at all?
You feel the cold brush up against your skin.
Your leather jacket keeps you warm.
Standing in the same spot you were yesterday,
You gaze off into the distance.

You lean up against your motorcycle.
It's teel color is not as shiny as it used to be.
The bike is in good condition.
This is a benefit to having a Harley.
It is reliable when you need it.

But, it is not a car.
You are always drenched when it rains.
Also, it would not be good to drive in the snow.
You continue to stare, wondering if things will improve.

Your clothes are not as fresh as they used to be.
Your face in the worst way needs to be shaved.
Stomach growling, you are starving.
The question that is in your mind is,
"Where will I sleep tonight?"

You already went to the park bench yesterday.
The night before,you slept in the Walmart parking lot against the wall.
Before that, you stayed at your friend's house for two days.
Where will you go now?

You have a job,  but it does not pay enough for you to rent an apartment.
There are many redeeming qualities like your determination and hopefulness.
You never give up even when you want to.
Yet, you are still in this situation.

If I had the accomodations, I would let you in.
Yet, it is not my house.
My parents do not accept you for who you are.
They see "homeless man" and think nothing more.
They are blinded by it.

Remember, someone does care about you.
It is me.
I am up at night worrying about you.
When I am under the blanket,
I think of how you do not have one.
When I can relax at home,
I think of the struggles you have to go through.

At the end of the day,
I beg the Higher Power to let me see you.
I miss you.
Although you are homeless,

You are always welcome to the home in my heart.
I love you.
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