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A fictional account based on non fictional events...
The celly rang out.  I looked at it and set it on the edge of the little table finally slamming it onto the center of the round angry table so it wouldn't fall off the edge.  God forbid this little stupid device break or some highlighter or coffee cup fall off the table.  Hey how are ya?

The music got going real early in the morning at the wacked out Seattle style establishment where all manner of innuendo took place.  Even the coffee ladies knew what was up and it was not the sun, it wasn't even six am yet here I am slamming expresso and coffee grounds.

Yes sir hello good morning Chief how are you?  The boss was pissed I was calling at this hour and i was down and out.  Deranged, hate mail went postal in the back of my mind.  I was early, yet late, all the hate and ache I ate my eggs.

This time I'd speak my mind, the hell with it, I'm going to like say whatever comes out.  I collected myself and left the taxi door open headed for the bar.  What'll it be Ace....?  Jimi Hendrix crazy guitar kicked on the jukebox, several pool shooters slammed shots .

The bass rattled my cage and I remembered what I was doing,  which was to say the least mostly not much.  I grabbed my quarters for the pay phone and after i got them i realized what year it was and that there was no more pay phone and i owned a mobile phone.

Busting the rack on the red beat up pool table i sunk the eight ball on the break.  The Steelers defeated the Bears in the super bowl again...and nobody noticed my ubiquitous walk out the back door.  Lighting a Marlboro red i crushed a broken bottle in a paper bag.

I offered my boss a real humbucker of a deal.  Pay me now or pay me now.  He responded with his pistol up my nose...I agreed he could pay me whenever.  Sitting at home in my recliner kicked out, i waited for dinner that wasn't cooked playing my broken guitar.
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