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Flash Fiction
Seeking revenge wasn’t really Omar’s style.
He wouldn’t act but he would definitely stick around. And it wouldn’t be for the pleasure of seeing the man who had done him wrong suffer, but to know that he was right to wait for the balance of things to be restored.
A lot of people came and went in the office in which they worked. After the first two years of waiting there were only three originals left; Omar, the man who had done him wrong and a beautiful lady who became Omar’s friend. The beautiful lady, knowing what had been done, urged Omar to take revenge. She even suggested ways of which she could take revenge on his behalf but despite his friend’s encouragement he decided to wait a bit longer.
In the next two years, Omar lost a little bit of faith because the man who had done him wrong still worked in the office and was promoted several times, while Omar had stayed in the same job. What made it worse was that the beautiful lady had become the lover of the man who had done him wrong. She no longer spoke of revenge but of love and not to Omar. She said very little to Omar.
Omar knew that they spoke of him sometimes behind his back. But did they both laugh at him he wondered? He was sure that she wasn’t like that, otherwise they wouldn’t have become friends in the first place. He sometimes thought about leaving the office and working somewhere else. But he was convinced that the time was coming soon.
And sure enough one morning, sometime in the fifth year, some people came to the office. They looked serious and businesslike. They didn’t smile at anyone. And an hour later he could see the man who had done him wrong packing up the contents of his desk into a box. He left soon after that. Everyone in the office watched him go but said nothing to him.
A few days later the beautiful lady came over to speak to Omar. She told him how she had made a terrible mistake trusting and being involved with the man that had done him wrong and wished that they could be friends again. He said that of course they could be friends, they had never stopped being friends as far as he was concerned but that she wouldn’t see him in the office anymore after next week. It was finally time to move on.

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