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About a tree that's full of emotions.
There once lived a special tree in Rosa’s garden that was behind Rosa’s house. It was planted by Rosa’s sweetheart, Jake. Jake planted it for her because he knew she would love to eat the fruits that such tree bore. The tree was bright pink and it bore fruits that were heart-shaped and bright gold – which she found very strange. She had never seen a tree like that. Nevertheless, she took a bite of one of the fruits. It was scrumptious. One time, she asked her boyfriend where the seed of the tree came from but her boyfriend just answered it came from his heart. This made her love the tree aside from its fruits. She always watered it, spoke and sang songs Jake wrote for her to it.

She gave too much attention to the tree that it grew beautiful.That’s how she loved it.

The tree was envied by all of the plants in her garden because it was too beautiful and given too much attention. “Rosa used to tell us that she wanted us to be the most beautiful flowers in the world and sing to us.” The flowers said. “Now she speaks and sings to the new tree.” They complained.

“She used to tell us how she loved our fruits and pick a lot of them.” complained the other trees. “Now she picks the fruits of that tree!” One of the trees indicated the special tree.

Because the tree was loved by Rosa and envied by the other plants, it became proud and happy. Little brown birds flew around the garden and saw the tree.

“Look at that tree! Isn’t he lovely?” One of them said in amazement. “Indeed he is! He’s so gorgeous! Almost heavenly!” The other agreed. “We should perch on his branches for a little while and befriend him so that we can always perch on them.” Their leader suggested.

And so they perched on his branches. They introduced themselves to him. They asked what his name was. He was not named by Rosa but he always felt happy, so he said that his name was Happy. You see, plants know about feelings too, just like us humans. All of God’s creations know about feelings.

“Ah, what a lovely name.” The leader of the birds said. Her fellow birds nodded and echoed, “Yes, it’s a lovely name.” They bade goodbye to Happy and flew away to other places to tell other birds about Happy. Happy was smiling all day.

Since then, all of the birds that would visit the garden flocked to him to perch onto his branches. When it rained, they would simply perch onto those branches. When they needed to rest, they would put nest and rested with their young onto Happy’s branches. Happy entertained them with a big smile and open arms. He made friends with the birds and became their shelter. He loved talking to them and listening to their stories because they knew a lot. Birds are curious creatures that’s why they always fly from place to place. They are the news-bringers in every place and they love to befriend everybody.

One day Rosa didn’t water Happy. It seemed that she forgot to. His leaves became dry. His branches and trunk were hot. His roots were thirsty. The plants in the garden mocked him. They told him that Rosa didn’t love him anymore. He ignored them because he thought it wasn’t true. He tried to withstand the heat. He said to himself that Rosa would water him. He waited for her but she didn’t water him.

Another day had passed. Rosa didn’t water Happy again. Happy was neglected. He cried his heart out.

Many days had passed. Happy’s leaves that were once as bright pink as the necklace Rosa would always wear were already losing their color. His fruits that were once as delicious as her voice when she would sing were beginning to rot. He was withering. The plants who once envied him rejoiced because Rosa didn’t water him anymore. They would be more beautiful than him. He was fuming deep inside. He was no longer Happy but Angry. No sooner he threw tantrums and cried harder.

The birds which once perched onto his branches were just flying around the garden.

Angry wondered why Rosa refused to water him, talk to him and sing to him songs Jake wrote for her. He decided to ask the birds even though he knew they were disgusted by his appearance. These birds knew everything even what’s been happening to her.

The birds looked scornfully at Angry from crown to roots. He looked very angry and ugly. His eyes were sharp and his leaves became dull pink and his body drier. “Don’t you have eyes to see and ears to hear? Rosa is in a black dress, mourning over Jake’s death!” They shouted at him.

“Jake is dead! How, why?” Angry was surprised.

“He was killed by muggers in the market nearby after he bought his and Rosa’s food!” They replied angrily. They didn’t want to talk to Angry.

Of course, Angry didn’t know the news about Jake’s death because he couldn’t move to turn around and look at Rosa’s house to know what’s been happening to Rosa. He didn’t know that she was mourning over Jake’s death.

So that was the reason why Rosa never watered me anymore. I would only remind her of Jake because I was his gift to her. Angry thought. He knew this because she told him that he was the most special gift Jake gave her. The bitter truth dawned on him. It hurt and wounded his heart as if a dagger punctured it. He felt sorry for what happened to Jake. He felt melancholic for Rosa. He was no longer Angry. He was Melancholic.

Soon Rosa would have me cut off because she would want to get rid of Jake’s memory. Melancholic said to himself. He cried, cried and cried.

The plants which envied him once rejoiced more than ever. At last, Rosa would be more interested to them than the tree that was once special. They really thought that she would have him cut off.

Time ran fast and no sooner Melancholic died. The plants in Rosa’s garden were not watered. They wanted to ask the news-bringers, the birds which visited the garden, why Rosa wouldn’t take care of them. But the birds no longer visited the garden. Soon, the plants died too because she never came to take care of them.

They died without knowing that she took her life a long time ago after Jake’s funeral.
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