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This is a flashback of one of my main characters
The world was silent as he walked along the lonely two-way road. The sky was an unusually dark shade of blue, almost black, though it was only early evening. However, the moon had already made its debut in the autumn sky while the sun turned the west into a panorama of a purple and scarlet version of the painting “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh. But just as Van Gogh gave his painting a somber nuance by committing suicide, so this beautiful night also held an ominous premonition.
As a sudden gust of wind surrounded him, a shiver crept down his body and he wondered once more why he didn’t grab his jacket on the way out; because now, he wore only a black ribbed tank top, dark-washed American Eagle jeans, and black All Star Converse.
His hair still smelled like the product Amber had used to color it the outlandish blonde with the stain of blue. He had to walk with his left arm straight down by his side because swinging his hands even the slightest brought along another fresh onslaught of pain due to the tattoo on his shoulder blade. He had looked at it in the mirror just after Amber had finished and the small, neat letters read “Queen of Hearts”- whatever that meant. Amber must have had some reason for it or she wouldn’t have spent all that time on her work of art and she wouldn’t have been smiling at him so smugly as he got out of the car in which Jonny and she had been riding.
Reaching a bend in the road, he began to question what Jonny meant when he told him to keep walking. If he kept walking straight, he would walk off the pavement and into the steep ditch that waited ahead. So far, he had kept on the double yellow lines in the center of the road, but that was about to change.
As a warning, he saw a pair of headlights light up the road from behind him and, while he continued to look directly ahead of him, his shadow appeared on the street. For whatever reason, he didn’t turn to look at the approaching vehicle, but instead swerved to the left, now walking beside the yellow lines.
He heard the car slow down somewhat as it drew closer. Still, he continued to walk, his eyes focused on the bend in the road, his mind unresponsive to the scene unfolding around him. The vehicle slowed down beside him and he heard a voice call out to him.
“Vincent?” The tone was of surprise but featured little footprints of fear.
He recognized the voice, turned to look at the face in the open car window… Just as the blinding headlights of the semi truck emerging from around the sharp corner of the road put a bulls-eye on the hood of the small Jeep. Once more, the scene transferred to slow motion.
He saw the surprise on the face he knew all too well, the sudden fear….He put out his hand….Shouted a vain warning….
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