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This is what life hands you.
You wake up in the morning happy to be alive. You just never realize what really can go wrong in one day. You never realize any of the mistakes you could make in one day big or small. Then one small mistake is made and it snowballs into one enormous mistake. Then you wake up in the morning asking yourself what can you do to fix it? What can you do to change it? When your an adult and you make a mistake, and a big one at that, what really can be done to change it? Whats the next step that can be taken to make that next step forward. As an adult you have to be responsible. are you an adult? Are you old enough to be responsible and take up for your actions. You never really know until it all hits you and I myself ask these questions everyday. I'm not a parent, I'm not a student, but I am a soon to be wife and I make masakes just like every other ordinary person. No one is perfect. But what do you do when our mistakes become so surreal? I don't know either. So you tell me. What do you do? Do you be normal? Do you leave the past in the past?

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