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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Drama · #1830334
The highs and lows of been a Detective in New York City.

This story was uploaded on here by myself but under a slightly different username, (No copyright here).

Hey this is a story I wrote as part of my course work back in school, I sadly don't have the original works, but this is based upon that story. I am truely proud of this story and would love to get it published.

Now I have a long way to go, so please be patient.

In this story, we follow two Detectives, (DCI) Dave Jonson, and Detective Johnson, as they patrol the streets and tell 'YOU' the reader there most memorable cases they worked on. (This story is written in the form of the characters talking to the reader).

I hope you enjoy.


New York City.

Chapter One.
Honour For The Job.

'My name is Dave Jonson and I’m a Detective Inspector, and what I have witnessed in my twenty seven year career would break the bravest of men'.

'I started my career way back in the eighties, as a Police Officer for the NYPD because of my interest with making the city that I loved a much safer place to live'.

'But it wasn’t just for that reason, I wanted to follow in my fathers footsteps, as he was also a Police Officer'. 'Sadly he was killed back when I was in my teens by a drive by shooting, so from that day on, in my fathers honour I became a Police Officer and later to become a Detective Inspector'.

'With that sole intention I strived to become the best Police Officer that I could, as I wanted to make my family proud, but most importantly for my father'.

'My father, Derek Jonson was very well known and respected by his colleagues and the public, he was considered on of the best Officers on the beat'. 'So for this reason I needed to show I was just like him and carry on my Dads fine work'.

'But this job didn’t go according to plan, as all jobs don’t from time to time'.
'I was shot three times and I was very lucky as one nearly hit my heart, but this did no deter me but drove me to carry on'.

'I also lost two partners, one in a tragic incident involving a bank robbery, and the other in what was considered the worst, shocking and terrifying thing that ever happened in American history'.

'That was non other than the World Trade Center tragedy'.

'His name was Carl Hughes, and we both started about the same time'. 'We got on very well, people said we were more like brothers as we liked the same things, and were very passionate about the job'.

'Carl and I were both on patrol not far from the World Trade Centers. We both saw a plane and many others saw it too. It was way to low for flying over a city like this one that had very tall buildings that would have dyer consequences''.

'We watched in owe as the plane hit the first building, we ran to the scene. 'Carl reported the situation to dispatch and told them what had just happened, and to get help'.

'We arrived at the Trade Centers, it was manic, people running, screaming it seemed like a bad movie'.

‘‘ Dave, I’m going to go in and see if I can help people get out ’’, Said Carl, I was shocked at what I had just heard, he actual said he wanted to go in that building.

‘‘ Mate No, that’s suicide, you will get yourself killed ’’, I Replied, very angry at this point.

‘‘ I’m going, I cant stand here and do nothing, you stay here, watch for other Officers and get people away from this area ’’ Carl Said.

'He did have a point, but I still didn’t wont him to go, bit it was his job to help the people of New York'.

‘‘ Okay go, but make sure you get your arse back here in one piece, the station, the beat wouldn’t be the same without yeah ’’, I Said as I tapped him on the sholder.

'He stopped, turned to look at me, smiled and ran into the building. 'I was absolutely terrified, not knowing what to do, and were to go with these terrified people'.

'As I was directing the civilians to a safer point, at this time there were more Officers at the scene to assist me'.

'I heard a young women cry out, ‘‘ Another plane is going to hit the other building ’’, with that I spun round to witness another plane hit the other building'.' I was panicking, thinking of my friend in that building, but I had a job to do and that was to ensure that these people was safe'.

'Myself and six other Officers managed to get the civilians to a safe point'. 'It would have been a stunning view of the City, but today it was a totally different story'.

'I felt helpless as I couldn’t do a thing to help out Carl inside that building'.' I just prayed that he would come out of there alive'.

'About two hours had passed and there was still no sign of Carl'. 'At this point I was starting to thing the worst'. 'But then as I stared at the building, I saw a person, with someone on his shoulders and carrying another in his arms, followed by hundreds of others. He had done it, he had saved thoughs peoples lives'.

'I quickly used my radio to contact him'.

‘‘ My god Carl are you alright ’’ I Said, ‘‘ Yes I am fine, just a walk in the park ’’ He Replied as he gasped for air, ‘‘ so is everybody safe ’’ I Said Excitedly. ‘‘ No, not yet, I only managed to get to these people, theres still lots still trapped, some of the stairways are blocked due to the plane, so quiet tricky to navigate yourself, and thick black smoke, that is a killer’’ Replied Carl.

'I couldn’t believe that, after two hours of searching, he still wanted to go back and try to reach more people, god he was such a stubborn arse, but he was a man who stuck to his word'.

‘‘ I’m going in, there’s a few firemen coming in with me ’’ Said Carl, ‘‘ Okay mate, but you bloody watch yourself alright ’’ I Replied, ‘‘ I will, and don’t worry about me, think of yourself, and thoughs people that are with you ’’ Said Carl, as he ran back into the building.

'Then the unforgettable happened, just as a young women discribed, there was another plane on a collition course for the second building'.

'I felt useless, as I watched the carnage unfold for the second time'. ' We had to move the citizens even further away, with two buildings hit, we had no other option'.

''Carl, Carl, come in mate'', I Said. 'Nothing', ''Carl god dam it, come in'' I continued, 'now thinking the worst'. 'Then I hard a slight noice coming through the radio, it sounded like something sliding, I couldn't discribe it'.

''D' Dave, you there'', Replied Carl, ''Yes, I'm here mate, are you alright'', I Said, ''I'm fine, just trying to get to these civillians up on the seventh floor'', Replied Carl, ''Oh I'm glad you are okay, but I have bad news'', I Said, ''Whats up'' Replied Carl, ''A second plane has just struck the second tower'', I Said, ''What!, No!, tell me your joking'', Replied Carl, I wish I was mate, but didn't you feel anything'' I Said, ''Well I felt the building shake, but I thought it was the buildings structure'' Replied Carl.

''Right Dave I'm going to try one more thing, these fire guys are gonna try and smash there way through'' Said Carl, ''Okay pal, but stay in touch'' I Replied.

''Right another rescue team are just entering the other tower, a bunch of fire fighters, but I'll keep you posted'' I Said, ''Okay thanks Dave, I'll be another hour at most, I hope'' Replied Carl.

That was the last thing I said to Carl, the last time I ever said to him, I never even said good bye, that hurt me the most, but not more than half an hour after I last spoke to him. There was a massive secondary explosion, and a load of small little after bursts, then the whole building came directly down in a puff of smoke. I remember looking right up as the building started to fall, and thinking about Carl, he was on the seventh floor, this was it, I knew I would never see him again. My brother, my partner, my friend.

I pulled myself together, and took charge of the group of civillians I was with, I told them to run and never look back, to run as far as they possibly could. We finally got to a desent distance from the devastation that was unfolding, my emotions then got the better of me. The last time I cried that bad was at my fathers funerial, I just lost it, all that was going through my mind was his wife and two sons, crying as they found out the news, I knew I had to break the news, I owed Carl that much, plus he would have wanted me to do it.

More Soon....
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